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  1. M&M's Mommy

    Do you like where you live?

    Absolutely love it! I'm within 5 minutes from EVERYTHING!
  2. M&M's Mommy

    Not been around a lot... Having a tough time :-(

    You're in my thoughts & prayers. May the Almighty God of peace & healing see you through this difficult time.
  3. M&M's Mommy

    Please help me decide..

    So I got an email from the new company... looks like salary will be $8 - 10K higher + a saving of $300/mo on insurance! Am I crazy for letting it go just so I can secure that I can be home whenever the kids need me? I hate when my heart and mind don't agree. They usually do :o I'll be...
  4. M&M's Mommy

    Please help me decide..

    My husband works 2nd shift..(I got laid off from my previous job last December, so he had to find something quick), so even though it's a fulltime position, it's not permanent so the salary is not great and he has no benefits :( Our finance depends on me for the larger part, plus I'm working...
  5. M&M's Mommy

    Please help me decide..

    whether to switch companies or not.. So, I went to interview with this company twice, the 1st time didn't get the job because I didn't want to start when they wanted me to (too soon after I had the baby). The 2nd time because they deemed I was over qualified... so about a month later, I...
  6. M&M's Mommy

    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    My precious littlest one just turned 15 Months. She's talking a storm, but not walking yet :)
  7. M&M's Mommy

    Do you want kids?

    I also am very modest... but I delivered my daughter before the nurses even had time to put the hospital gown on me, so I was completely naked during the entire time!! No ones realized this until after the baby was safely in my arms and started nursing. By this time, my husband already took...
  8. M&M's Mommy

    Do you want kids?

    I agree that nowadays, there are lots of unnecessary C-sections (I think they call it "elective or scheduled" C-section). Katie was born via an emergency C-section, so when I got pregnant again, the doctor automatically suggested/assumed another C-section. His reason being the old scar...
  9. M&M's Mommy

    prayers, thoughts, whatever for Brian tomorrow

    I'll be praying for his successful surgery and speedy recovery
  10. M&M's Mommy

    Do you want kids?

    Your posts, for some reasons, sound, to me, that you're still a bit resenting this pregnancy and unsure about the new baby & the changes he'll bring to your life upon his arrival :). It's almost like you're planning & preparing for how much you're going to love him, how much you're going to let...
  11. M&M's Mommy

    Are you domestic?

    I don't like to cook... Other than that, I'm domestic enough to keep my kids clean and my house tidy :)
  12. M&M's Mommy

    The "I miss Renee" thread

    Yeah, I also notice her absence when I returned to the site. Please tell her I say hi, and will continue to keep her in my thoughts & prayers.
  13. M&M's Mommy

    Do you want kids?

    I'm late to the discussion (as always), so I doubt I'd have anything new to add.. but I'm a mom of two (for now) & this, thus far, is the biggest blessing of my life. There is nothing in the world I'd want more than to be around my kids, loving them, caring for them, teaching them, playing with...
  14. M&M's Mommy

    It ran forever

    We sold my husband's old Honda Accord for $800 when the odometer read 270,000 miles!! :) I was surprised someone was buying it :D
  15. M&M's Mommy

    Disney Questions!

    Ha.. it feels good to know that my dh is not the only one refuses to go to Disneyland with his wife :) I made him promise to go when our older daughter turns 5.. so only a little more than a year until we can go to Disneyland as a family LOL! (I live only 5 min away from the Disneyland in CA...
  16. M&M's Mommy

    Are your dogs licensed with the county?

    It's required by law here, so yes, all my dogs are licensed.
  17. M&M's Mommy

    What should we do with left over sand and pavers?

    Turned them into a sandbox, of course!! :)
  18. M&M's Mommy

    How British are you?

    I'm probably American. It's probably true :)
  19. M&M's Mommy

    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    *waves to everyone* I'm 264 pages late to this thread, but here I am finally catching up :) First of all, congrats to all the new & expecting moms since last Aug (that when I left my last company for maternity leave & never came back lol!!). Chaz babies are the cutest and most adorable...
  20. M&M's Mommy

    Christmas trees!

    I love seeing everyone's trees!!! This is mine from a couple years ago :) I haven't take any pics of this year's tree yet, but it'll look similar...