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    You find a dog...

    Keep it for a whole week, don't contact the spca, or animal control, post a couple adds on a local Facebook page, then decide to find the dog a is wrong with people?
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    Casper T. Cat

    You will be missed Casper T. Cat. Kory found you as a stray somewhere around 20 years ago and you have been his constant companion, you have been there for longer then me and he is going to have trouble carrying on without you. Even though we has a love hate relationship, you didn't like that...
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    I don't need a fourth dog...I don't need a

    Black standard poodle....but man I REALLLY want this!
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    Trick Dog Titles

    I'm thinking of doing this with the boys, I'm pretty sure someone here has done some of it, so please tell me about it :).
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    Android users

    So tell me some good apps and stuff. My husband just surprised me, the apple fangirl, with and HTC One M8, so now I gotta get used to this android stuff I guess :rofl1:.
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    Lagotto Romagnolo

    So in my search for next dog I have been reading a lot about them, but have never met or seen one. I am hoping to visit a couple breeders this summer or next (it will be 2-3 years before I get another dog most likely) but I'm wondering if any of you guys have any experience with them? I am...
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    My grooming area :)

    I finally was able today to get my grooming area cleaned and set up and put to use :D Here's my area, the table is right beside the tub, I have basket on the wall that holds my shampoos, I also have my clipper blades and scissors in it, and I flip the cords to the dremel and the clippers into...
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    New injection to neuter dogs in the USA

    Starting Monday. Zeuterin---and GO!
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    Dog bath tub

    The new house we bought has a place in the laundry room where there is a double laundry sink set up now. There is more then enough room for me to take them out and replace it with a tub for bathing the dogs, so any ideas? I'm looking for a used tub on kijiji, so far just a couple jetted...
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    Gage, Bristol and Diesels Secret Santa :D

    Was Adrianne and Crossbone :D The whole box. And Gage checking it out. Gage opening one of the squeaky toys. Diesel and Bristol doing the same. And then Diesel packed off with it so she could not touch it lol.
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    Grooming time!

    It was far past time for the littles to be groomed so it finally got done! Here is Diesels before, behold the fluffeh! And After, fluffeh tamed. And Bristols before, she just looks fat when her hair is too long lol. And her after. And just because I hadn't tried it on her yet...
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    Now lets talk Leashes!

    What are everyone's favorites? All three of mine have leather 7' multi use leashes. Gage's and Bristols are from On Lead and both are two tone, Gage's is burgundy and blank and Bristols I'd pink and white. Diesels is from bold lead designs I think, but one colour.
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    Gage, CGN And Bristol, CGN
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    Sci-Fi peeps!

    I thought I would share since a) many sci-fi peeps here, and b) two of the charities are dog related! Please copy and paste and share around Facebook! Ok all my nerd, and nerdette friends, the 2013 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is gearing up to be a great one! But they also have some VIP...
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    Ok Sci-Fi peeps.

    I need another show to watch. I have run through all of Charmed, Stargate, Dr.Who, Torchwood to name a few...suggestions?
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    My new grooming case!

    Yay! Now all my grooming stuff have a home!
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    Hi, my name is Tina, I am dog mom to 3 dogs, Gage is my 5 year Old Mastiff/Rottie mix. I got him just about 5 years ago, he was an 80lb 7 month old dig that someone's husband surprised her with, she was 8 months pregnant and had a two year old daughter thus was not impressed so she had him up...