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    We had really bad thunder last night enough to make power out,left us in the dark for hours.No TV,no Internet,no phone etc.. Fortunately we had my husband's laptop PC had still more power with battery so,we ended up watching DVD "Narnia" (second one) on his laptop. Today,Post office near...
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    Pink Dolphin

    Did you hear in LA,people spotted Albino Dolphin that color is pink?? Here is a story article. Cool,isn't it?
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    Palette & Toys

    This is where you can see how my dog plays with toys. (I could not find video category so,I put under picture.)
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    chihuahua blown away by wind

    Did everyone read this news? I am glad Tinker Bell was unharmed and be able to be united with her owner... she must have been scared.. Nice happy ending story.
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    Find it game:Palette's way

    I took video how my dog Palette enjoy "Find it" game.. What are your dog's favorite game of the day??
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    Natural dog treats & Deer Antlers & Dog/cultural blog

    Hi, I have a website. One is my online store that is called "Yassy's Gourmet Dog Kitchen".I am located in VA,USA. At Yassy's Gourmet Dog Kitchen,we are committed to cater your furry friends the finest,healthiest,freshest,palatable,drool-worthy home-made gourmet dog biscuits and Jerky along...
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    Hello from VA

    Hello.I am new to this forum.I have 3 years old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Palette. It seemed lots of topics to be discussed here in this forum and,I decided to join but is this breed specific forum?? I hope me with Corgi is ok here.