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  1. gradyupmybutt

    Counterfeit Frontline & Advantage

    My vet sends out newsletters. In this issue was an article about counterfeit Frontline & Advantage. This could be why I've been in flea h*ll this season. The linky -
  2. gradyupmybutt

    Dog Toothpaste Recall

    I just got this in my Pap group mail. Recall: Animl Toothpaste Pet product may have diethylene glycol Please forward this information to family and friends who have pets. PetEdge is voluntarily recalling Top Performance brand ProDental Toothpaste with Toothbrush kit because the...
  3. gradyupmybutt

    Random Fotos

    I broke out my camera for a little foto session with the boys. The only one who seemed to cooperate was Snickers my foster child. I won't bombard you with a ton of shots but here are 2 pf my favorites: Grady: "Whatcha doin' wif my tail, mama?" I love this shot of Snick. Kinda artsy
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    How Much FUNNNN Is this?
  6. gradyupmybutt

    My First Foster

    Give me strength! I just got notified that my first foster boy has a potential adopter. I have to still call the potential adopter. Give me strength to make the right decision for my little lovebug.
  7. gradyupmybutt

    Bark Park & New Camera

    A friend of mine & I met @ a local bark park so our kiddos could play. I also got a new camera a while back & I finally got up the nerve to play with it a bit. Tucker.... She's just not totally right in da head. She's sitting in a run off from the water fountain. More...
  8. gradyupmybutt

    Pictures of Da Boyz

    Okay, I finally figured out how to post pictures so I thought I'd share my boyz with you. This is just one of my favorite shots. I loves me some dawg butts. Grady Aspen Trucker (the foster child)
  9. gradyupmybutt

    Doggie T-Shirts

    Yes, I'm one of those weirdos that puts clothes on my dogs. :p I have this real hankering to find a tie dye t-shirt for my Papillon. I feel he NEEDS one. I'm having a hard time finding one anywhere. I'm am not crafty enough to make one for him. Any suggestions?
  10. gradyupmybutt

    Another Convert

    :lol-sign: Hiya gang! My name is Annie & I'm owned by 2.5 dogs. Grady who is a Dogo Americano or a North American Black Dawg & Aspen, a Papillon. I also am fostering a sweet little boy named Trucker. It's great to see some familiar faces here. ~waiving to Ron, Probe, Ed, jjsmom & Anne...