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    Two Dogs

    Hi my name is Nancy and this one I'm working on. Its taking so long (lol) its in Acrylic. My snout is a tad long but I'll work the nose down and it should help and work on some shadows. I love Bob Ross's everyday saying "There's no mistakes" and I add "Happy Oportunity's" What do ya all...
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    Mutt-i-grees Need Home 2 Agility Possibility

    Hi, I have rescued a mother dog in 2009. She has been called a princess but really she is a hound dog standing from foot to head about 16 inches tall. I call her a hound dog because she loves to get messy. Her babies are now 1 1/2 years old. There is the largest Oscar who stands at 32 inches...
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    New Member

    This looks like a nice site to be with other animal lovers. Currently, I have 6 dogs and I'm looking for nice homes for them. I have raised them from pups along with their dumped-off mommy. They all have been spayed and neutered. I intended to hold onto one but to be fair because they are...