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  1. dogsarebetter

    I feel bad :(

    I just called the animal shelter to tell them that I am bringing Nichole back today (foster dog) I just cannot keep her here now knowing that she has NOT been wormed, vet check, or anything else. She was doing lots of coughing last night, and I am scared she has kennel cough. I feel horrible...
  2. dogsarebetter

    Kennel cough question

    I am currently fostering for a pretty shady animal shelter, and this IS my last foster through them. I have talked to a collie rescue and I will be fostering though them (YAY!!!) My dogs have their bortitella vac. but i know that it is not 100% effective. is it worth even giving the vac? Is...
  3. dogsarebetter

    confused! Animal shelter is nuts?

    I have concluded that the animal shelter I foster for is nuts! when I had Narnia the shelter called me at the last minute, and told me they needed Narnia for a health cert and her appointment was in an hour. So i had to LEAVE WORK and drive home to get her. I told them that I need more...
  4. dogsarebetter

    Name the mix!

    Of course she is listed as a lab mix. Nicole is about 35lbs, and around 8-12 months old She has scars all over her! She has purple stitches in her ear My vote is lab/beagle
  5. dogsarebetter

    Is she pregnant!!??

    I just brought home a new foster dog, and I think she might be pregnant. her belly is pretty big, and it is really hard. she is not pear shaped or sticking out on her sides though. I took a pic, but you cannot tell much by looking at the pic. and this stage, when she is not really showing...
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    Shelties in the snow!

    Dat is all!
  7. dogsarebetter

    Leaky giant schnauzer

    Sasha, my dad's giant schnauzer leaks urine. My dad would love to keep her in the house, but she leaks every time she lays down. Dad said that she has been doing this since she has gotten spayed. Sasha is 2 yrs old, and did have parvo as a puppy. Did the vet mess the spay up? any ideas why...
  8. dogsarebetter

    low protein food help please!

    Ruckus has been having urinary issues and the vet wants him on a science diet low protein food. Of course i am not putting him on that crap! So now i am hunting for a low dog food around %17 protein that isnt crap. not possible is it!?
  9. dogsarebetter

    Good-Bye Oliver

    Olly is leaving us tomorrow morning to go to a breed rescue. I am glad he is going, but I am sad to. I am scared he will end his life in the rescue. He is very old, deaf, no teeth, arthritis very badly, sever heartworms, a heart murmer, and i feel so sorry for the little guy!
  10. dogsarebetter

    my new year training resolution

    my new years resolution is to contact a professional to get some issues worked on. I have contacted a lady who is up for the challenge. I was worried that my dogs would not act up, so she wouldnt know what to fix! Then Elegy came up with the idea to get it on camera, so thats what i did...
  11. dogsarebetter

    Do not open the thread about

    erectile dysfunction I admit, i click it! LOL but umm.... its porn. so dont click on it unless you want to see "parts"
  12. dogsarebetter


    Someone on facebook is actually bragging about their blue to blue breedings and they AWESOME double diluted dog they produced. :mad: and this person knows better! I know for a fact she has seen what blue to blue does, and she does not care! how dare someone call themselves dog lovers when they...
  13. dogsarebetter

    Nigeria scams

    dont you just love them!!!! I just got this From:Evangelist Lindy Mike(Widow). Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am Evangelist Lindy Mike, The daughter of Late Sherrif Kindimbu from Weste Africa Nigeria.I am 34years old,my mother is From England,while my father...
  14. dogsarebetter

    Lost my couch!!!!

    to my new foster dog, Oliver. Oliver is an old guy who doesnt like the cold, he doesnt get around very well, he is hard of hearing and the poor guy is heartworm positive. He is so lazy and mellow. he is a true sweet heart and hubby and I both adore him! He has laid on the couch since he has...
  15. dogsarebetter

    English setters

    Are all english setters this awesome! I am fostering a really sweet awesome heartworm positive english setter. He is SOOO calm, and mellow. as long as you dont have a tennis ball. he loves to play ball and will always bring it back. When he is in the house he just lays on the couch. he is so...
  16. dogsarebetter

    heartworm positive

    My new foster has heartworms. he has been treated but is still recovering. I asked the kennel worker if i can exercise him as i would any other dog, and she said yes. but he gets tired very easy and coughs a whole lot when he even fetches the tennis ball three times! Did she tell me...
  17. dogsarebetter

    What is it about her.... (pics)

    That makes her irresistible to me? I think she looks so cute and dignified all at the same time
  18. dogsarebetter

    resource guarding Q

    Narnia, my foster dog guards toys. She will get all of the toys out of the toy box and lay them in one spot and guard them. she means business too! she also guards her crate, and of course any chew bones. Her crate was in my bedroom and she is so territorial over her crate she was going...
  19. dogsarebetter

    adopton fell through :(

    my foster dog Narnia went to her new home today, but was returned shortly after. they said she was too big! I am SURE her sized didnt change from the time they met her up, to the time they got home with her. I am so disappointed! in the past two days i have learned so much about the...
  20. dogsarebetter

    Foster dog Narnia the sheltie mix

    Narnia is about 1 yrs old, 20lbs. she is underweight and if she would gain 3 more lbs she would be perfect! She is house broken, spayed, UTD on shots, and is really sweet. BUT she is a resource guarder around other dogs. Narnia is my foster dog. With the help of chazzers I decided not to...