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  1. Willow0709

    My Fathers New Puppy

    My father has been searching for another dog for a while now . We picked up this little sweetheart today . My dad hasn't met her yet but is super excited . He says she looks like she stuck her face in a paint bucket . She's predominantly German Shepherd but can you guess what she is mixed...
  2. Willow0709

    My Boy Sarge

    A few shots of my boy Sarge Sarge and his younger half sister Luka
  3. Willow0709

    Prefurred Pet Supply ~ Sale Oct 1st-3rd ~

    Prefurred Pet Supply , specializing in quality pet products . We're celebrating our first anniversary . All food and treats are 15% off . All toys are Buy One Get One half off . Oct 1st-3rd only . (No shipping of food/treats available to the USA)
  4. Willow0709

    Home Cooked Info ?

    Hello , I have a client with a incredibly picky 5lb Pomeranian . The dog in question is approximately five years old and in good health . She has tried every kibble under the sun , tried dehydrated raw and has recently switched to a raw diet . She tried a prepared ground raw food but her dog...
  5. Willow0709

    Breed Guess ?

    Rory is a boxer mix that we know for sure . My dh got him when he was a young pup and he knows that the mom was a boxer . The sire on the other hand is somewhat of a mystery . He did see a picture of him , he was white with large black patches , looked like a boxer but more stocky and had a...
  6. Willow0709

    Hi From BC Canada

    Hi , new to the forums . We have five dogs , four boxers and a border collie . We also have three cats , a grey/white dsh , a tortishell and a Abyssinian . Needless to say we have a full house .