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  1. SeniorPetLover

    Senior dog issues..

    I recently had a senior terrier begin to act odd. She would get stuck behind furniture, pace, circle, push her head into corners, and ignore me when I called her to come in from outside. She wandered around like she was lost. I first attributed it to vision/hearing loss, but during the...
  2. SeniorPetLover

    Kindey problem, not sure what to do...suggestion

    I have had a lot of experience with chronic renal failure. It is the bane of senior dogs. However, I have had very good results by feeding a home cooked diet low in sodium and phosphorus. I do not feed the low protein prescription diets. In fact, I feed moderate protein, but I make sure that...
  3. SeniorPetLover

    Vector 3D

    I'm having the same problem with FrontLine not being effective. I have to have a product that I can buy in it only available at the vet's office?
  4. SeniorPetLover

    HELP these seniors!!

    Don't count on me... I am not getting any takers. All of my contacts have the same problem as me; we are all full and we do not have the resources to take in any additional animals until something opens up. Adoptions have dropped and they just are not turning dogs as quickly as they have in...
  5. SeniorPetLover

    HELP these seniors!!

    Zoom- Thanks for the photos...I have forwarded them to someone who is going to send them out to all of her contacts...cross your paws!
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    There Goes My Hiro...

    I am so sorry for your loss. I know that Hiro is grateful for your bravery. He knows how much you love him. Freeing him from his body was the ultimate act of love. Hiro is running and playing with some great dogs right now. I know that for a fact because I was lucky enough to know some of...
  7. SeniorPetLover

    I'm torn both ways on this one...

    Well, I am guilty of helping the old, the sick and the badly behaved. In fact, those are prerequisites for entry into my sanctuary. When I began volunteering in shelters, I was amazed at how many animals fell through the cracks...dogs that had been dedicated companions for their entire lives...
  8. SeniorPetLover

    OH. MY. GOD. Kayotaaa!!

    I am so sorry for your loss. I would bleach (30:1 ratio) all of the runs and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before rinsing. I would also bleach all of the common areas. Make sure all volunteers wash their hands before handling different dogs and be sure to wash door knobs and other things...
  9. SeniorPetLover

    Photos of the dogs from N. Carolina

    I initially went out for the 2 chi's, but I couldn't turn my back on these guys...they were not highly adoptable, so their days were numbered, too. "They are cute! Did you get them from a rescue I assume?" No, they came to a rescue...they were in a animal control facility. "The white...
  10. SeniorPetLover

    Photos of the dogs from N. Carolina

    Here are the guys that I brought back...thought you might like to meet them:
  11. SeniorPetLover

    2 Chi's need homes in N. Carolina - urgent

    I am back after driving 32 hours round-trip...they are sleeping on a bed on my desk as I type this...I also brought back a senior Jack Russell, a 3 legged Min Pin, and a senior terrier...everyone has settled in and act like they have been here all of their lives. We are going to rest a couple...
  12. SeniorPetLover

    2 Chi's need homes in N. Carolina - urgent's done...I'm driving to NC...
  13. SeniorPetLover

    2 Chi's need homes in N. Carolina - urgent

    I can take them if I can find a way to get them here. Can you give me the contact info to see if they are still in need?
  14. SeniorPetLover

    Dog had a Seizure. Should I put him to sleep? New and need tons of help, please

    I agree with the advice you have been given. I do a lot of work with senior dogs that have various illnesses. There are basically two schools of thought that vets seem to have when treating old dogs...some vets suggest procedures that border on heroics even when they know that a cure is not...
  15. SeniorPetLover

    Anyone ever try Bach Flower Remedies?

    Have any of you ever tried the Back Flower Essence Remedies? Were they effective?
  16. SeniorPetLover

    Pet communicators - can they really read pets' minds?

    I think we are all pet communicators to different degrees. Who here "knows" when their pet is not feeling well or has a need? Who here has ever stopped what they were doing to do something for their pet without giving it a conscious thought? Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night...
  17. SeniorPetLover

    Dog Has Been Cloned

    I believe that what makes us who we are is our individual essence, life energy, or soul (whatever you want to call it), not our physical bodies and I also believe that it remains intact when we leave our physical bodies. What makes us who we are is such a complex combination of so many things...
  18. SeniorPetLover

    Can't they leave the poor breed alone??

    I'd better hire a nanny and get ready to expand because every time something like this happens, sales of the breed explode and then the number of them winding up on deathrow jumps up and the more calls I get...
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    You are right BP...the preventatives are costing me a fortune. The vet cuts me a bit of a deal because I am such a good client...I am privately funded (my husband), so cost is an issue. Treating daily would be a big pain. I have a hard enough time getting everyone their daily special meals...
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    This is very interesting to me. After being very entrenched in conventional veterinary medicine for so long, I have just started to see how many of the protocols that I have followed quite possibly cause more harm than good. I have discontinued feeding grain based commercial dog food and...