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    Service dog networking/community

    nope ......
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    Smooth Collie service dogs

    Quick, who was that breeder that a chazzer bought from that had Collies bred primarily for service work. I cant find them, and someone is asking about it on a facebook group
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    Tea thread? Tea thread!

    I just bought some sample packs of black, oolong, and green tea varieties (loose leaf) and so far most have been delicious. Now I want to do it right and get some specific flavors and brewing stuff. What do you like, how do you make it, gimme recommendations and share your tips
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    How do you get an adult dog to potty inside?

    So my work hours are gearing up for summer and Ill be away for 11ish hours each workday. Kitty is home all day and holds it for 11 hours, which is scary bad. The roommates both refuse to allow me to hire a dog walker on account of they dont want a stranger in their house, so I bought some potty...
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    Service dogs for seizures

    My friends husband has a seizure disorder, I am unsure of the specifics. They are wanting an alert dog for him and he has gotten the bit in his teeth that the male puppy he has fallen in love with from their current litter will be his SD. I have argued the case to the best of my knowledge, of...
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    non antibiotic options for a UTI?

    The only two vets anywhere near me are both outrageously expensive (its like $100 to walk in the door), and right now with rent coming up I just cant swing quite that much, especially for something so simple and basic. i could TELL them over the phone its a freaking uti. what are some non-vet...
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    Dog stairs vs ramps?

    Does anyone have elderly dogs or dogs with mobility issues? Do you use anything to help them get up and down from beds and couches? Which do you use, and why? Thanks :popcorn:
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    Flight Rising Mate Swap!

    Post your dergs and relevant information here :popcorn:
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    LED lighted collars?

    Anyone use light-up collars for at night time? I need to be able to see where the dog is in the yard and shes dark so she blends in. I dont want reflective, I want actual lights. The ones at walmart are so ugly and tacky. Any ideas?
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    Adult dog rehoming: any advice?

    Any advice for a big old baby of a 2 year old adult dog thats just been rehomed across the country and is basically being a scaredycat? Shes very snuggly to her new people, and loves their son, but has been slicking ears back and whale eye and running away from the other dogs, and mostly fusses...
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    Doctor Who series 8

    Thoughts? I was incredibly pleased with 1 and 2, even with the plot holes and inconsistencies, and terribly disappointed in the 3rd ep. Has anyone seen the leaked episodes? Im deliberately not watching them because spoilers Who the hell is Missy? :rofl1:
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    "What is IPO?"

    anyone remember or have this youtube video? it was called something like What is IPO? and had a guy narrating about the sport over video clips detailing all three aspects. he got rather flowery and poetic at a few points. i cant find it! i seem to recall it being posted here, any ideas?
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    Does anyone here have a higher-than-average interest in these things, and if so, where do you go for forums that are good, knowledgeable, and most importantly, active? Iv googled a few and they all have like 5 posts in the last month, not helpful for me. I have a few questions and projects Ill...
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    Renters insurance =/= dangerous dog insurance?

    My new landlord is flipping his **** about the "dangerous pit bulls" I have, and is requiring me to get insurance. A quick google search gets me some pretty wild results, anywhere from 10k a year in "dog bite coverage" to state farm renters insurance which covers injury to people while in my...
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    flea and tick preventatives

    What do you use and why? What product do you hate and why? Iv never had to use topical preventatives til I moved away from the PNW and now I have ticks everywhere and its ****ing horrifying D: need a good product to buy
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    Smoking, pregnant bitches, and puppies

    Does anyone know anything about this? The people who smoke do so in their own rooms with the doors closed, but I can smell it it in my room with my door closed. The litter will be in the spring/summer so my windows COULD be open. I plan to get an air purifier (for myself, because the smell)...
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    Greyhound-specific color genetics

    What on earth is THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    Michigan people

    Im going to be moving to Schenectady NY from the Detroit (Dearborn Heights) area, probably late Feb early March, not sure yet. Does anyone in my area have a truck or SUV that gets decent mileage that would be willing to drive me, the dogs, and my stuff? I dont have much, but my bike and bed are...
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    Critique my buyer questionnaire please

    im gearing up to do my first breeding in like 3 years and im a bit out of the loop on being a breeder nowdays *runs around flailing and bangs into stuff* you can view it here rip it apart please. did i miss anything vital? sound stupid? not long enough? peanut brittle?
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    prepaid cell phone plan questions

    is there such a thing as a prepaid cell phone plan that is TEXTS ONLY? i dont need minutes, dont want data, i just need unlimited texts or at least 100 a month, and i dont have a ton of money, even Boost $55 a mo is too much ideas?