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  1. cvcraven

    Anyone else preparing for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay?

    They are expecting Hurricane strength before it hits Jax... We are heading over to my parent's house.We aren't concerned about the rain, it's just the tornado threat that gets us. My parent's house is much more solidly built. :rolleyes: I've got to decide what to do with Bo. :confused:
  2. cvcraven

    An Early Birthday Celebration...

    We drove into the city today for an early dinner to celebrate my birthday. There's a large shopping center in downtown Jacksonville called The Landing. It's right on the St John's river and the boys had a ton of fun! We had dinner at a restaurant that is sort of like a Mongolian BBQ but...
  3. cvcraven

    Then & now pictures... a size comparison.

    March 14th... August 7th. Same blue toy as in first picture We've hit 40lbs already...:yikes: Anyone want to help me guess when my Chihuahua mix will quit growing? :rofl1:
  4. cvcraven

    I'm going to be an AUNT!!

    I'm so excited!!! My baby brother just called me! He's expecting his first baby March 19th! I'm so freaking excited I can't stand it! Dancing around the house excited! They are both 19 but will be 20 by the time my niece or nephew arrives. Obviously it would've been nice for them to have...
  5. cvcraven

    Bo gets fixed tomorrow!

    Poor guy..... He's about to lose his favorite thing to lick. :rofl1: We drop him off between 8 & 8:30 and pick him up by 6. :)
  6. cvcraven

    LOL.. Chazforum almost got me fired today.

    :rofl1: Our company just got sold so I decided to test out our internet limits and see if the new employer blocked the same stuff as our old one. I tried out a few forums and they let me in so I was thinking... Great! I'll see what's going on at chazhound. Umm... No. I typed it in and the...
  7. cvcraven

    Bo is a #1 Goofball!!

    My dog is such a weirdo....:rofl1: Yesterday he caught a large grasshopper and carried it around like it was a major kill! He rolled around with it, tossed it in the air, basically made a huge fuss over it. **More
  8. cvcraven

    Anyone good with photoshop?

    Is it possible to get rid of the blond headed boy in the blue? :)
  9. cvcraven

    Anyone have a dog that's afraid of the dark?

    :rofl1: BO will not go off the porch at night for our last potty of the night until you walk out in the grass first and show him it's ok... Anyone else have a dog that's afraid of the dark? :popcorn:
  10. cvcraven

    Can you be honest with me?

    :) I need you to be honest with me. I'm trying to talk myself into or out of a really really expensive camera. Will you take a look at these pictures and tell me if you see any type of talent? If they look like regular pictures taken at any B-day party, be honest with me.You won't hurt my...
  11. cvcraven

    Having Fun with Bell's Palsy.....

    Otherwise known as I'm bored... I woke up Tuesday morning with Bell's Palsy which is basically a temporary paralysis of the facial muscles on one side of my face. There's nothing to do but wait it out. A few weeks, a few months..... Who knows? I'm drinking Atkins meal replacement drinks...
  12. cvcraven Bo!

    We adopted him on 3/14. He was about 4lbs and the high kill shelter we adopted from said that he was probably a Chihuahua mix. Then he started growing.... *more*
  13. cvcraven

    Anyone suffer from thyroid problems?

    I've just been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and I was wondering if anyone else has already "been there done that" :D
  14. cvcraven

    Hello from Florida!

    Hi there! I found out about this website from Borzoimom. We adopted a tiny little 4lb puppy back in March and were told he was a chihuahua mix.. 30lbs later, meet Bo.... :rofl1: I'm a married Mom of 2 boys and stepmom to one girl. Besides dog related sites, I'm also a member of...