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    Looking more like an adult now.

    It's been a bit since I updated, but Bijuu's doing well. We've started practicing stacking and while we're not there yet I think we're progressing nicely. As of today at 10 months old my little butt head it 26 in at the shoulder and 75lbs. Critique and suggestions are welcome since I'm hoping to...
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    Here's some pictures from my visit with my sister and a couple other random ones. He enjoyed being the center of attention. She specifically requested we bring her "JuuJuu," haha. He spent his time people watching and having my grandma sneak him pulled pork then they thought I wasn't looking.
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    Bijuu at 19 weeks old.

    He's getting huge, I'm hoping to get him weighed on Sunday. He was 37 pounds at 17 weeks and recently had a growth spurt.
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    More Bijuu Photos

    He's really putting on the weight and yet is very lean. He's gonna be built like a tank. I'm really having a blast with him. I'm glad my landlord's dog has taken a liking to him, she helps me wear him out.
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    Bijuu aka Baccus z vom Weberhaus! He's a cool little guy. The cats kinda hate him, but I'm sure they'll get over it once they realize he's here to stay. I'm looking forward to training with him and watching him grow.
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    Hello folks, it's nice to be here. I'm a first time dog owner, but I've been pinning after and researching my breed of choice for about 3 years now. I'm finally bringing home a GSD pup. He's only 7 weeks old so I still have a few more days until he can come home. I'm hoping to have some fun with...