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    Shakespeare is gone. I have no words to express how heart broken I am. Mommy misses you and loves you so much. Sweet dreams my little man.
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    Shakespeare: Ferrerty ferret

    My little man (by request of JessLough). He is getting up in age (6), so playtime doesn't last as long... He pretty much sleeps throughout the day. He still enjoys the things he has always enjoyed.... He has stopped using the litterbox but still goes in his cage to potty, so I have resorted to...
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    Shakespeare- Oh so photogenic!

    My little man!!! I love him so much! Can't believe he will be 6 years old in a month!! He likes to go down to the mailbox with me and run back up the driveway haha! Thankfully he isn't very fast anymore and he goes straight into the garage. And just because he is cute...
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    Just Ollie...

    Just Ollie :) A friend of mine got her a new tag :D I put it on her *special occasion* collar My little pride and joy!
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    Shakespeare- Pictures

    Well, Shakes came down with something.. upset stomach or some nonsense. He has been on meds for almost 2 weeks now (feeling much better) and since he will be turning 6 this year, I got a blood panel done on him. Waited a week for results (vet wanted to consult a exotic specialist) and everything...
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    Indroducing Shakespre (ferret)

    Introducing my little man! He is 2 1/2 lbs of pure steal and sex appeal....ok, ok so it is really just a little chunk and slinky. He is going on 6 years old this October and still going well! Sleeping, eyes wide open Took him outside today for a little fresh air :D And...
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    Indroducing Ollie!

    Here is one of the few things my life revolves around: Ollie. Idk what she is except for dog. My breed guess is as good as yours. I have settled on pit/something/heinz 57 dog. Other than that, she is pretty accident prone. She goes on lots of hikes/bike rides and always ends up hurt. :rolleyes...
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    Ollie and Shakespeare- Defying the odds.

    What do you get when you put a dog with a high prey drive for small animals and a ferret together???? This...LOL "MOM! Please! Can we get out now! This is embarrassing!" Kisses!! Or maybe lunch??? :yikes: lol!!! He loves her to death and she....well...
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    Hello- I'm new!

    Hi! My name is Kaley, and I am new here! A little about me (I recognize a few people here, but most are new). I'm from Georgia (until I graduate) and moving to California next year. I am currently in college for my BS in Biology and I am getting married to my favorite soldier this summer (yay!)...