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  1. Airn

    Sunday Hiking

    We took Gwen to a little hiking trail that has several bodies of water. She had fun swimming. There were a ton of people and dogs. I had fun showing her off for the dog-less people :D (Pictures are cellphone pictures taken on the fly so quality is lacking.) So it begins! There...
  2. Airn

    Gwen! (And some Fiora!)

    It's been a while since I've taken pictures of Gwen. I don't have a camera and she isn't a fan of having her picture taken but since I missed her birthday,(SORRY :eek:) I thought she should have some special time. There are also appearances by my cat, Fiora. Gwen isn't sure about this...
  3. Airn

    Passion Parties: New Adventure!

    I've been considering being a Passion Parties rep for the bit and finally got the courage (and the sale opportunity!) to try it out. I'm trying to see where the interest is (if there is any). If you would be interested in buying anything from Passion Parties or learning more about PP products...
  4. Airn

    Steam Cleaner

    I'm looking for a steam cleaner. Obviously there are several options out there, many with great reviews. But I would like experience from PET owners. When we fostered Bena she made a mess of our apartment. Though we spent a lot of time cleaning up after her, there are still stains...
  5. Airn

    Being Assertive?

    So Gwen and I have signed up for this dog behavioral course. So far it's been interesting. I have no prior classes to base this one off of but I'm pretty sure it's not a normal class. Anyway, during the last class we were learning how to focus and walk with a purpose to help our fearful or...
  6. Airn

    Cat Conundrum

    SO and I have been in the process of adding a cat to our household for a few months now. After many e-mails with the foster person, we went to visit her cats. We already knew which one we wanted. After spending a few minutes with all the cats and the lady unable to get "Sweetheart" from her...
  7. Airn

    Tips For Pet Sitting A Cautious Dog

    I'm going to be watching one of my bosses' dogs for a few days. He's asked me to come over this week to get introduced to her as well as his other dog. (Which will be kenneled because she's apparently a little hellion. Plus his dogs don't get along well and have to be separated.) The dog I...
  8. Airn

    Secret Santa by Oko!

    I'm sorry in advance for the bad photos. SO was taking the pictures and he's even worse than I am. They're pretty bad. :popcorn: After several tires of endless waiting due to a snowstorm, we finally retrieved our box. At first, Gwen is unimpressed by the box. Many boxes come along and...
  9. Airn

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    I am not an experienced traveler. I don't know many people who are. But I do know that many Chazzers travel and I thought you could help me out. The SO and I (as well as Gwen, if the situation allowed) were going to go to Wisconsin this Christmas. SO's grandmother flies weekly and was going...
  10. Airn

    Gwen's Surprise Snow (Pic Heavy)

    Being in the south, we rarely get snow. And when we do, it's just a dusting. This time, we got a PILE. And Gwen LOVES it. So, we decided to brave the weather and let Gwen romp around in a field. (Didn't edit anything. New camera and still learning to use it. Plus, it was cold.) She was...
  11. Airn

    The Lost Dogs (Book about Michael Vick dogs)

    So, I just finished The Lost Dogs. It's a book written about the case and what happened to the Vick dogs during the 2-3 years this whole situation went on. I'm not sure if anyone else has read it, but if you have, what are your opinions on it? I found myself a bit confused and torn at certain...
  12. Airn

    Is It Rude?

    Compared to most of Chaz I'm a total noob, but I'm trying to learn. I would like to ask some owners questions but I don't want to come off as rude or inappropriate. I know it's rude to ask how much a dog cost (usually), but is it rude to ask how much a certain breed or even breeder usually...
  13. Airn

    Total Noob Camera

    What would be a decent camera for a total beginner? I use my phone to take pictures all the time but I'm so jealous of all the Chaz photographers. I doubt I can get my pictures to look as amazing as most of you do, but I'm sure I could make them look less crappy. I'm not looking for an 'OMG...
  14. Airn

    20 Items Or Less

    If you could only pick 20 items (or less) of must have dog supplies... what would be on your list? Not including food. Toys, treats, clothes, leashes, whatever. What are items/companies/products you just LOVE and would not be without? I'm looking for some inspiration. I'm not very unique...
  15. Airn


    Fishy fishy fishy.... Gwen REALLY likes the fishy. Gwen being cute and proper. Did you need something? Maybe if I stare at if really hard it will teleport into my mouth Is that a treat in your hand?! Gwen is positive it is a treat. Less picture...
  16. Airn

    Secret Santa!

    Are we doing it this year? I'm ready to sign up and start getting presents for my family!
  17. Airn

    Ideas for Rescue

    So, I volunteer for this rescue. The girl who runs it does pretty well considering she's in school and is maybe 25. She's manages a LOT on her own. But, for SOME reason(s) she is getting a lot of 'returns'. I figured if anyone can help work out some kinks/give some feedback, Chaz could...
  18. Airn

    (Jelly) Bena!

    We have a new (temporary) addition! Bena is a year old shepherd mix (if you have any better guesses as to what she is, feel free to offer them) that I am fostering. Initially she was adopted out (the second time) with her brother/littermate. The person who 'returned' them wanted them to be...
  19. Airn

    What Would You Do?

    So... I have a bit of dilemma and I have no idea what to do. My boyfriend and I broke up. We decided to be roommates, more for financial reasons than "Oh yeah, living with an ex will be so fun!" :rofl1: I feel like if I continue to live with him I might kill him. (We're getting better, but...
  20. Airn

    Gwen Again!

    We decided to take Gwen to the the dog park to make up for all the horrible noises she would hear later in the day. (LOTS of pictures. You've been warned :rofl1:)