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  1. SevenSins

    Post-Larval Stage

    Been updating FB but don't think I've posted them up here in a couple weeks? Pups have been out of the "larval" stage for awhile now. :p They almost look like, dare I say, dogs. Pink Collar Female Blue Collar Male Lime Collar Male Red Collar Male ("Pardon") Teal Collar...
  2. SevenSins

    Pups are a week old

    I'm being lazy about posting pictures. Pups were a week old on Friday.
  3. SevenSins

    We're having Spike babies! (Right now!)

    This thread is as good as any notepad right? ;) #1 is a chocolate girl with a white collar, stripe and front toe tips, 11.5oz. Definitely a Spike baby, wasn't even completely out of the sack and detached and she was already trying to eat! Photos of puppies coming ASAP.
  4. SevenSins

    Kady05's account is missing

    Would a mod mind checking out what's going on with Kady05's user account? She was on earlier, posted a thread, and when she went to post an update on the thread she was logged out, can't log in now, username not found, etc. And she's showing as a guest as if she's been banned or her account deleted.
  5. SevenSins

    Akita people? Free CL puppies

    Don't suppose any Chazzers know of an Akita person/breeder/rescue that might be able to contact these people and talk them out of some puppies before they end up in the wrong hands?
  6. SevenSins

    Gone Fishin'

    Think we've got a bite! This one's a real fighter. Hold on tight! Keep some tension on the line and wait 'im out. He may be tiring out some. Reeling in the catch... He's a biggun! Oh no, he's makin' a break for it! He's goin' under! Whew, line's still...
  7. SevenSins

    If anyone can spare a thought for...

    If anyone can spare a thought for my good friend and kennel partner, Elissa (ZillyAPBT on Chaz) today, it would be greatly appreciated. I hadn't mentioned this to many people until now, but Trouble (at 14 1/2 years old) started going down hill pretty rapidly all of a sudden, and was diagnosed...
  8. SevenSins

    London is tiny and evil, and I love it.

    So we took in Jiggles' brother (all of 32lbs, same as Jiggles) recently because his owner no longer had time for him, and my kennel partner decided to take him out and get some video of him and her son for his breeder today. All well and good, right? The video finished processing and when I took...
  9. SevenSins

    Turtle is 18 months old

    A friend/one of our puppy owners took a few pictures of Turtle (UWP CH 'PR' Roki's Simply Sinful) after the Courtland VA shows this past weekend where she earned her UWP, and a Reserve CH placement in a class of 8 dogs. Going to work on getting the rest of her health testing done as she gets...