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  1. Richie12345

    This doggy showed up at our backyard

    My mom and my nana found this one in our backyard. So weird haha, but we have to send out posters... if no owner comes to claim, we're going to keep it! no name
  2. Richie12345

    my email

    if any1 from here wants to stay in contact with me, here's my email: [email protected]
  3. Richie12345

    If anyone is in the San Diego area

    Hey it's Richie. I'm an old chazhound member. I used to go on here a lot when I was in middle school. It could be that I'm going crazy, but I think I've been seeing and talking to people here that I've met online. Also, a girl that I fell in love with talking to over a different website where we...
  4. Richie12345


    Hey, I was told I needed to post an update on here, lol. I'm not sure if this is the right place but yeah, long time no see! I'm doing fine, I'm 17 now and going to community college. I got my own car!... and cooper is doing great too, I'll post some pics. I had to make sure you guys know I...
  5. Richie12345


    I only have a couple pics, but Babyblue said I should post them on a thread anyways. So here you go:
  6. Richie12345

    Patriots Lost!!!!!!!!!

    WOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Go Giants!!!!! *sorry if I have offended any patriot fans* WOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  7. Richie12345

    Does anybody else not know what they are?

    I had to take a test for high school and had to write what my race was... I wasn't too sure what to put. My mother was born in south america but her grandmother is from italy, and before that came from the middle east (I think). And my dad's family is canadian, native american, british, and I'm...
  8. Richie12345

    Video Editing Software recommendation

    Windows Movie Maker keeps on freezing on me and does not support avi files... what is a good program that doesn't freeze even if I add a file.
  9. Richie12345

    Google offering FREE in-home wireless broadband service

    This could change everything!
  10. Richie12345

    I switched to MSN Messenger

    I got sick and tired of AIM's spyware. So I ditched all but one of my friends and went to MSN messenger. Since, I felt like a new person, I decided to give my computer a new look: Notice how I only have one friend that uses MSN messenger (I have another one, just don't know his screen name)...
  11. Richie12345

    Crazy English Teacher

    She's a real nice teacher, but she gives out a bunch of homework. I have to answer 7 questions (a paragraph each), and write 4 more paragraphs (got to describe the signifigance of the chapter titles and a character I chose to follow throughout the book). Also I have to type an essay thats due...
  12. Richie12345

    Quick Question

    Hey, I was stopped by a cop. If I am written a warning, can I still get a ticket?
  13. Richie12345

    BB's comp is freaky

    so if you want to talk to her then her sn on aim is flamingfun123... she can't log on to chaz... only im... it's wierd
  14. Richie12345

    I'm an idiot...

    I decided I'd be smart and plug in my TV that was broken (Cooper chewed the wire when we were moving in, it wasn't plugged in). Well I tried to tie together the wires and plug it in. there was a spark and the lights in my room and the bathroom next to me went out.... soo.... is this fixable? lol
  15. Richie12345

    Freaking dog!

    I woke up, went upstairs. And saw him with his filthy body on MY bed. Pff, and he hasn't had a bath in a long time. But he looked peaceful there, so I decided not to interrupt his sleep.
  16. Richie12345

    How do you catch a lizard?

    Any tips?
  17. Richie12345

    A gamer's confession

    It's so touching *sniff sniff* lol Sorry, really bored, Babyblue knows that for sure, lol.
  18. Richie12345

    Got a haircut

    I think it looks pretty cool :) Yup sure do.
  19. Richie12345

    this is cool

    I went to for some antispyware software or something and I decided to keep on searching for more stuff just for the heck of it, check out what I got. It's called windowblinds, it changes up the look of the OS, toolbars and such. It's really cool, here's a screenshot...
  20. Richie12345

    Cooper is wierd

    A person was at the door (something about religion, I wasn't really paying attention), and Cooper just jumped on the lady and started peeing around her. He seriously peed in a circle around the woman... can anyone help me on this one?