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  1. Brattina88

    Diet "fads" & No dairy?

    I'm trying to learn as much as I can and be as healthy as I can for ME ;) I've been having some health issues lately, but I'm getting better. One of the things is I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in Jan. The first time I've had a "solid" answer in a while. I'm working with my doctor, going to...
  2. Brattina88

    Would Your Dog Pass?

    I think we've had a thread like this before, but I thought it would be interesting discussion and fun to learn more about some of our dogs. So, I was wondering Would your dog pass a shelter temperament test? Stranger handling, resource guarding, prey drive, getting along with other dogs /...
  3. Brattina88

    Susie's Hope

    Anyone hear about this? Or see the movie? I'm watching it now :popcorn: ^ for the real story ^ quote from I just saw the attack scene and :eek: Sad. :(
  4. Brattina88

    A plead from a fellow chazzer

    I know we all get busy, and I know sometimes our dogs can be a PITA. But my plead to you all today... Is to take a second, and not call them a PITA, not remind them affectionately how stupid hyper or annoying they are, but to give them a cuddle and some love and affection. And say something...
  5. Brattina88

    My wintertime girls (and their buddy)

    I haven't posted pictures much because my laptop is dead. So, until I can buy more memory for it I can't upload any pics from my DSLR :( So.. here's some crappy cell phone pics in the mean time lol Bailey :p image by missdanabob, on Flickr doing what she does best, lol image by...
  6. Brattina88

    How to: Shutting down gossip/passive aggressiveness/ and other drama

    Every year most of us say the same New Years resolutions... Lose weight, get more organized, etc etc. This year, I really want to stop being a freaking doormat :mad: Often times when I share some of my problems with chazzers, I read things on here and think man why didn't I think to say...
  7. Brattina88

    Deaf Training - tricks?

    I am in denial and I don't want to admit this act all :rofl1: but..... Maddie is now deaf. She has a great base (11 years worth LOL), and I've always taught signals along with commands so the transition has not been too difficult. The things I've struggled with mostly was her running off...
  8. Brattina88

    Not good news for Missy

    :( A couple of you already know this from Facebook or texting, but I guess it's time to share on here... Missy, my parents GSD, the one a practically grew up with - we've shared so much together and we're really close. She helped me a lot and I was sick and even tried to trigger my...
  9. Brattina88

    New Favorite Picture of Maddie

    This. IMG_8042 by missdanabob, on Flickr Because this ;) baby maddie by missdanabob, on Flickr Awwwwwww..... :D lol
  10. Brattina88

    Chaz Tips... Living with A Maturing Dog

    I figured it'd be neat to have a thread where all of us can chime in with what we've experienced with our dogs aging, and what we're going through. Changes we've seen in our dogs and how we've changed along side them to cope with it. Plus, its always good to bounce ideas off of each-other - what...
  11. Brattina88

    Funny Musings from my 11 year old

    Maddie is newly (re)obsessed with her purple Orbee eggplant. She's been bringing it to bed every night... Which she's always done, but I prefer the stuffies myself. Especially when you roll over onto them in the middle of the night :eek: orbee in the back, not too comfortable! :p Her newest...
  12. Brattina88

    Maddie & dslr pics!

    So, I get a new (to me!) Canon DSLR! I've only had limited experience with a Nikon in auto mode.... This is my first experience shooting in manual - so constrictive criticism is welcome The neighbors dog wandered over so I snapped some of him as well. His name is Chevy and he's a funny little...
  13. Brattina88

    Jaw problems... Advice?

    My jaw has always has a click on the right side when I open it up. Usually it's only when I open it wide, but sometimes it's when I'm chewing. It's never caused me any pain, though the neurologist last year said it could be contributing to my headaches. The clicks have turned into a much...
  14. Brattina88

    Rehoming 2 Dogs (please crosspost)

    Nope! Not my girls!! My Mom has two little boys looking for a good home, together or separate is fine... they play well together, but are not super attached to each other. I was really hoping to get a little interest on here, please feel free to cross post! I need to help my Mom find them a...
  15. Brattina88

    Happy Birthday 11th Maddie!

    I can't believe my baby is 11 today... I have been in complete denial all day! we've been through so much today, she has been my constant companion, my best friend, my secret keeper, my everything for the past 11 years! And hopefully, many more... And whats a birthday thread without pics...
  16. Brattina88

    New Tag Ideas?

    I need a new tag for Maddie. Of course since I "need" a new tag I "want" one for Bailey too :p LOL The one she currently has has all of my information of course, and says "Needs Meds" (which is true, she needs Vit A daily, couple other supplements I give her she can live without but I prefer her...
  17. Brattina88

    C-BARQ behavior assessment

    I know we've had a thread about this before, but I just took the test for Bailey and so I wanted to share and see if anyone else wanted to share their scores. Here is the link C-BARQ: Canine Behavioral Assessment & Research Questionnaire
  18. Brattina88

    Pet Green Pet Feeders "on sale"

    The Pet Green Pet Feeder I know we saw these on another thread and some us thought they were pretty cool. They're $38 free shipping on doggyloot now. Its only $2 from what I've seen on other sites... But hey $2 is $2 lol shameless if you use my links I...
  19. Brattina88

    Evo, Innova, CN, HW recall... Someone I convinced to switch from EVO messaged me this today and said "don't even say I told you so!" :p :(
  20. Brattina88

    Breed Suggestions :)

    I have a breed (and breeder) in mind, and of course there's always my back and forth of another one of my current two breeds. But I was a little bored and also curious as to what chazzers think :) This is for future puppy 2014 (or later depending on finding a breeder, etc). I have decided that I...