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  1. yellowdog5

    Is grain free bad?

    I recently read an article that stated that feeding grain free food long term might cause heart problems, because it causes deficiency of taurine? Should I be feeding it? My grain free is not fancy, just diamond Nutra Nuggets beef and pea. I have two dogs allergic to grass, we got by for a...
  2. yellowdog5

    Does anyone know about DGP joint supplement?

    I have seen some really great reviews on Animal BioSciences DGP, and also some that leave me wondering if it is safe for dogs. If anyone knows anything about it, I would love to read your comments.
  3. yellowdog5

    Need advice on Food and other things to treat yeast infection

    Lady is almost 13, she has a history of allergies and itching and for the past couple of years I have occasionally seen her scooting that I suspected was not caused by worms. Now she has sores between her toes, and a couple of weeks ago a bad ear infection that did clear up with treatment for...
  4. yellowdog5

    How do I get a perfect recall?

    Brandy is really good about coming when called- most of the time. The problem I am having is that every once in a while she will stop and look when I call, but then either go on about what she is doing, or even run farther off. This doesn't happen on a regular basis, maybe less than once a...
  5. yellowdog5

    Dog hind leg problem

    Lady is a 10 year old Yellow Lab/ Golden Retriever mix. The last 3 days I have noticed that when she is going downhill, her hind legs seem to not work properly, she sits almost involuntarily. Then she will get up and go off like nothing happened. If the hill is steep it may happen again, and...
  6. yellowdog5

    Meet Brandy! Can anyone answer my questions?

    This is our new puppy Brandy. My husband decided it was time for a new puppy. (Rita died a little over a year ago). She is supposed to be yellow lab and "maybe" husky. Her original owners were said to be from Alaska, and I guess brought the puppy with them. We were told she is 2 months old...
  7. yellowdog5

    Great Prices on Promeris and Top spot

    Here's a link to Maak for pets where you can get unbelievable discounts on flea treatments like promeris and top spot. I just paid $67 for 6 treatments for large dogs. I have been using their products for years, but this promotion is new, I'm supposed to get a discount for my referrals, too...
  8. yellowdog5

    In Memory of Rita

    My little Rita died in my arms last Monday. It seems so empty without her. These are my favorite pictures of her. 1997: 2003: 2007 (not her puppy) 2008 2011
  9. yellowdog5

    My dog has a cough

    Rita is almost 14, gets lots of exercise and seems extremely healthy, especially for an old dog. She has developed a cough that seems the worst when she has been lying down for 2-3 hours. When I exercise her, the cough goes away until she rests or sleeps for a while. She does not seem sick at...
  10. yellowdog5

    Missing Grammy (aka Bubbatd)

    I haven't visited the forum since last February. I miss Grammy, she was always so supportive and helpful.
  11. yellowdog5

    Any vets? I need help deciding what to do.

    If there are any veterinarians viewing this forum can you please read my thread in dog health care about giving my dog an IV at home? I need to decide what to do.
  12. yellowdog5

    Why can't I give my dog IV therapy at home. I need an answer NOW please, any vets?

    Rita is 13 years old and she is sick, been vomiting from Sat. morning. I thought she was better Sunday but then she threw up again Monday and wouldn't eat much.I took her to a vet (my old vet died and I don't know anyone good). They gave her sub q fluids and Cerenia, and sent me home with her...
  13. yellowdog5

    Is Rimadyl OK for my dog? Vet question.

    My vet for 25 years died, and not knowing where else to go, I took Amber to his old office for a sprained hock. The lady who examined her prescribed Rimadyl twice a day, at first for a week, and then for 2 more weeks. It really helped her, and now she seems normal except for a small swelling...
  14. yellowdog5

    Good dog had bad experience.

    I have a yellow lab named Amber (my avatar dog). I was walking in our woods with her 2 mornings ago , and a cougar tried to get her. She outran the attack, and I ran after her with my other 2 dogs (I couldn't call her back, for obvious reasons, although I did try). I finally got her going in...
  15. yellowdog5

    How much raw meat should I feed?

    I have been given a lot of frozen beef and venison for my lab mixes. How much should I feed to an 80 pound dog? They now get 1 1/2 soup cans apiece of Diamond Lamb and rice. Any advice?
  16. yellowdog5

    Why is my dog eating so much grass?

    I have seen this twice with my dogs: She begs to go outside like it's and emergency, and then frantically (sp?) eats grass like it's the last thing she'll ever do. Rita had a spell of this several years ago for several days. I wormed her and the problem stopped. I can't say for sure that...
  17. yellowdog5

    Resistance to frontline? Vet question.

    My neighbor's cocker spaniel has been given Advantage or Frontline monthly for a lot of her life. She has a real flea problem, they are constantly treating their whole place for fleas. Advantage and Frontline do not work any more. Her understanding from the vet is that the dog, not the fleas...
  18. yellowdog5

    Thanks, Chazhound!

    Amber just came and said hi while I was working at the computer. Thank you chazhound members for answering my questions when she was a baby so that I could make her the wonderful dog she is now. I have always loved and enjoyed my dogs, but this one is so special because I have used entirely...
  19. yellowdog5

    Milk , but not pregnant

    Lady is producing milk. She's not pregnant. :confused: She had puppies 15 months ago, and was in heat in October. Should I worry?
  20. yellowdog5

    Wonderful People

    I hope it's OK to put this on here, it's not about my own dog. I have some friends who went above and beyond the call to help an old dog. My friend saw an an old yellow lab get hit by a car. He was not severely injured, but needed help. She picked him up and took him to the vet to have him...