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  1. GreatVet

    How many times you feed your dog?

    5 times? That’s a lot. I assume you’re new with this. It’s a hit and trial thing if it eats all the 5 times properly then its good. It also depends on the age of your puppy - vets say 6-4 weeks old should be fed 4 times a day; 3- 6 months old 3 times and beyond that 2 times. If you’re confused...
  2. GreatVet

    Vaccination for Puppy

    Whether you’ve just got a pet from a shelter or you found a puppy on the roadside, you need to take due care about the vaccinations since the health of puppies is very delicate. Apart from feeding them nutritional food, you need to take extra care about their health. Canine distemper Rabies...