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  1. LostAndConfused

    Chicago Meet Up?

    Are we doing a Chicago meet up again this year? If we cross all of our fingers & toes, I might be in Ohio by that time and able to go.
  2. LostAndConfused

    Dog beds

    I just tossed a load of fleece mats, blankets, and one of the dog bed covers into the wash. They are all looking a little worn, so time to start shopping for a new one (or two). What beds do you guys recommend? the last one I got was a Milliard Plush Canvas and it just isn't holding up as...
  3. LostAndConfused

    2016 Fitness Goals

    i didn't see one of these for 2016. This year, we are again trying to do the Couch to 5K (if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm open). I also have a 30 or 60 day plank challenge that I'd like to do sometime in Feb - you know, once the roads are too bad to run on. I'm looking for other...
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    what do you guys do as a hobby? My world mainly revolves around bees, pictures & soap. Sometimes it includes easy crocheting, but I've managed to get burned out on that one. 20140607-DSC_0777-2 by Terri Stahl, on Flickr I really want to learn to make cheese in 2016, but...
  5. LostAndConfused

    A Dog's Eye View

    We were home for Thanksgiving and my mother-in-law told me she was tired of my pictures and wanted Hudson to take pictures. So now Hudson wears a GoPro.... Look at all these trees to pee on This basically sums up our life I like that tree Scary saw picture Food Lady...
  6. LostAndConfused

    Doggie Christmas

    What are you guys getting your dogs for Christmas? For Hudson, I've been eyeing a Ruffwear Front Range for like a year. I think I'm going to breakdown and finally order him one. He might get another dog bed. He says his current beds are too full of dog toys, so he has to lay on the...
  7. LostAndConfused

    Birthday Dog

    I can't believe Hudson is 3 already. We have had a week full of fun. He got lots of cookies, bully sticks, a few new toys, we hung out outside a lot, I came home from work early one day. Here are a few pictures from our adventures He had to wear his birthday shirt...
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    We haven't had a hiking thread in a while. My husband says he likes to hike. I like to go on walks in the woods, which is like hiking, right? :rofl1: What gear do you guys like? Pictures? I like hiking pictures.
  9. LostAndConfused

    RedBrick....farms? Apiary? Mental Institute?

    most addiction start out innocently enough. I'll just try one, or I'll only do it once. Then you start thinking, 'well that wasn't too bad, I'll do it again' or 'i'll have another.' Then before you know it, you've spent all your money and have nothing to show for it. Ok, maybe it isn't...
  10. LostAndConfused

    Office Fish

    I have 1 coworker who has a 20 gallon that she is willing to donate to the office moral booster. It had fish in it up until a few years ago. The pump went out during one of the hurricanes and the fish didn't make it :( Can i do a planted tank in a 20 gallon? How hard is it to cycle & then...
  11. LostAndConfused

    Travel Containment

    How do you guys secure your dogs while you're traveling? Currently Hudson is in the back seat, with a car hammock. The hammock keeps him in the back seat, keeps him from falling between the back seat and the backs of the front seats, and it keeps the car slightly cleaner. I used the...
  12. LostAndConfused

    Hudson and his boyfriend

    This basically sums up their time together. <a href="[email protected]/16248607211" title="20150110-DSC_3055 by Terri Stahl, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="331" alt="20150110-DSC_3055"></a>...
  13. LostAndConfused

    Collar People I need....

    A superman collar because.... and GO!
  14. LostAndConfused

    Hudson's SS

    Of course it has to be dark here when I get home, but when I was doing my walk around the house, the light reflected off of a very well taped package on my porch. I brought it inside and tried to get Hudson to open it, but he says he doesn't like the taste of tape. This box traveled all the way...
  15. LostAndConfused

    Favorite Vacation Spots

    I know, it's winter and only the beginning of winter, but I want summer to come back! As a way to force memories of summer to come back, what are your favorite places to go on vacation? Pictures of happy, summer time?
  16. LostAndConfused

    Santa's Helper

    Santa got a new helper today. They are still on a trial period, because today was a little rough between the two of them. Hudson started off on helper duty. Santa felt that it would be a good job for Hudson because he is quick. "I'm going to work with Santa!?!?" 20141206-DSC_1218 by...
  17. LostAndConfused

    Crack & Cryptonite

    What is your dog(s) crack & their cryptonite? Hudson's crack - the hose, or anything that will spray water at him (except for bathes, they don't count. They're the devil). This goes for leaves & snowballs - fleece pogo plus - tuggy things Hudson's Cryptonite - sprays. Example...
  18. LostAndConfused

    A Bromance is such a beautiful thing

    Once Flicker decides to stop being terrible, I'll post pictures
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    Sorry about the quality here, guys, but I had a blast hiking with these guys and had to share! Today I went out with Julee and 3 of her dogs, Embyr, Copper, & Shadow, and Elrohwen with Watson. Copper, I love her. She is such a hound and adorable. Em and Watson getting acquainted...
  20. LostAndConfused

    Someone is having a birthday

    My Sweet Baby Boy is now 2. 2!! Don't worry, he is still a ridiculous little midget. Every time someone who knows him online sees him for he first time, their first response is "He is so small!" We didn't get to do much today because the floors are getting re-done and we don't have much room...