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    ST Bernard dog Kaos -web site

    this is personal web site of my Bernard dog Kaos St Bernard dog
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    Roman Abramovich mega yacht - Ecstasea

    Look at this beauty... Look at ECSTASEA (owner Roman Abramovich) doked in Croatia, Sibenik
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    Kaos St Bernard dog

    This is my Bernard dog Kaos,,,his web site
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    Jaq -French bulldog

    this is my Jaq and this is his web site
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    CACIB, Zagreb, Croatia international dog show

    Look all those beautiful dog..CACIB Zagreb, international dog show..more than 2500 dogs and 190 breeds.... look picutres and videos of the winners and other dogs....
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    hello from croatia

    Hy! I would like to introduce myself to you. As you might saw before, I live in Croatia and have french bulldog you may see on the web site I'VE made for him...I dont speak english so good so i hope ypu will understand... hello everyone see my jaq here you can see jaq
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    croatia french bulldog

    Hi my dog name is Jaq, he is French bulldog.This is fisrt Bulldog that I have. I like him a lot so i made him a web site yuo can visit it If you have any comments you can write