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    The hiking equivalent of a marathon...

    So I heard about an event to help out Make a Wish last year, but had an ankle injury that kept me sidelined. This year I knew I wanted to do it, so I signed up: the event is called the Trailblaze Challenge and involves hiking 28.3 miles in ONE day on the Foothills Trail on the border of...
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    Menstrual cups?

    In the Chaz tradition of being very open about all sorts of things, I'm wondering if anyone would care to share their experiences with menstrual cups? I used to think they were very much not for me, but I'm reconsidering given some reading I have done recently.
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    CanAm in Indianapolis

    Anyone wanna meet up while I have Aeri and Snipe competing at CanAm? It's the largest flyball competition out there and is running Fri-Sun this week!
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    Two Week Shut Down

    This has been tossed about a lot recently, so I figured I'd start a separate thread to make it easier to find. If we could get it stickied, that would be amazing! Some links:
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    Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE)

    Ziva was diagnosed with this yesterday. We caught it suuuuuper early because I took her in when she refused breakfast. She's a food hound and missing a meal is extremely unusual. At the ER vet she had explosive bloody diarrhea, though her blood results came back normal, indicating that she...
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    Any Kayakers here?

    DH and I went out on the water in rented 14' kayaks today. :) This was my third time in a kayak and his first and he loved it, so now we're thinking about doing it regularly. With rentals being $12 each, we're leaning toward buying at the end of the season, so I'm keen to get info on things...
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    Working vermin dogs?

    How does one get started? I've had several folks ask me if I rent Snipe out to clear small rodents and I'm curious.
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    Pick a city for me, too!

    Just found out about some layoffs at DH's job, sooooo we're starting to think about what we'd do worst case and he wants me to think about alternative locations. Top cities we could end up in: Raleigh, NC Boston, MA Chicago, IL Austin, TX San Jose, CA San Diego, CA Raleigh is my top...
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    Why did you alter your dog?

    I saw a survey on a webinar and it made me curious: why did you spay or neuter your pet? Answer once for each pet. ;)
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    Vizsla s/n study

    New study released on the side effects of s/n for those interested:
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    Sprained ankles?

    So I sprained my ankle at a trampoline park tonight. >.< I have an agility trial on Friday. Ugh. Any suggestions for making rehabbing go smoothly? A nurse friend of mine said icing (15 on 15 off) as much as I can over the next day, totally non-weight bearing rest for 48 hours, then...
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    Vibes for Snipe?

    Can I get some? She's going in for her ovary sparing spay today and, while I know she's going to be in excellent hands, I'm still going to worry until she's home safe and sound. I'd love to have some famous Chaz vibes just in case. ;)
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    Getting the flu shot?

    Just heard a little bit about the new options in flu vaccines this year, including those made sans egg product and new versions with FOUR strains vs the standard 3. So, who is getting the vaccine this year?
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    Z's new collar!

    With all the discussion about collars, I thought I'd share pics of what came in the mail today: Ziva's Karma Collars Stargazer collar! I also got a leash (made to my specifications) by ordering on free leash friday, but the collar is definitely the "star". ;) This collar is everything I'd...
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    Please welcome the latest Chaz foster dog...

    Thanks to the work of meepitsmeagan, SevenSins, ZillyAPBTs, and I (and numerous non-chazzers), this little girl has been sprung from a local shelter. Tentative name is "Seal" right now. She's an ACD mix, 6 months old, came in as a stray, euth date was today. She was just picked up after...
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    Fenzi Dog Sport Academy classes?

    Anyone else enrolled? I'm taking SH110: Introduction to IPO Fundamentals 1 - Obedience and Protection with Shade Whitsel to keep me on track with some of what I learned from her seminar in March. Still waffling on taking Fenzi's Heeling Games class as this month is crazy busy.
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    Regular vet, chiro vet, or ___ ?

    So Aeri turned up lame on a shoulder last night, I gave traumeel, and we went to bed. This morning it's on again, off again. This has happened before and it goes away within 24-48 hours, but with this reocurrance I'm starting to think I need to get her looked at in case it's something that needs...
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    Living with dogs - a discussion of perspectives

    Saw this on a fb thread regarding a dog who died when he was left unattended in a car. "My personal rule of thumb is if I wouldn't do this with a human child, then I shouldn't do it with my dog either. " I have my own opinions, but wanted to hear what you all might say....
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    Dogs as vermin catchers?

    So the gang got to try their paws at barn hunt on Thursday. Of all the dogs it's clear that Snipe and Kes are much keener on the hunt than many. I'll probably compete with all four, but it did make me think - is there much of a market for ratting services in this day and age? If so, anyone with...
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    For those wanting a JuliusK9 harness... has a special offer that if you like them on fb and then email they will give you a 30% off coupon! They carry all the various JuliusK9 harnesses and accessories (including the saddlebags!) and they also have some neat collars, leads, tugs, and balls on ropes. :)