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    Cesar wet dog food recall

    Copy and pasted from fidosreviews: ---------------------------------- Recall Date: 10/08/2016 Brands: Cesar Classics Company: Mars Petcare Products: CESAR Filet Mignon Flavor wet dog food trays Summary Mars Petcare, is voluntarily recalling a selected CESAR Filet Mignon Flavor wet dog food...

    Dry weather causing dry skin and itching?

    Hi all! Hope you are having a good weekend! My little guy appears itching and I don't think it is from outside, fleas, showering, etc.. I think it is from the dry weather. I put some vitamin E lotion on him and it helps a bunch but does not completely solve it. Does anyone else...

    Dog food review website.

    New dog food reviews website. Check it out and feel free to help add a review The site is relatively new and is adding more dog food recipes at time passes. Any feedback here is appreciated. I am always looking at ways to improve especially, since it is a young project. Thanks...

    "I Love My Mommy", Security, and Superman Shirt Hello all, We have added the following to our offerings. We are trying them out to see how well received they are. If so, we'll add more sizes and colors. Woohoo! I Love My Mommy Shirt Tough and Cute Security Shirt Superman!

    Puppy 8 Magic 8 Ball Android App

    Hercules and I made this fun Android app that puts a new spin on the classic 8 ball from the 3 stooges from 1940. It does have button to link to promote our online store, but overall it is focused on fun. Please be warned there is one fortune that humorously uses the word b**ch...

    NFL Leashes and Collars

    We are trying out NFL accessories staring with the Superbowl teams Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. Cheers all Chiko Link to store

    Formal Black Bow with White Collar

    We ( have added this cute dog bow to our store

    My Dog got a Job as City Construction Worker

    Hercules and I made a fun video of him as a construction worker. It is here on youtube: Let us know if you like it. :)

    Proud Puppy Dad! Shirt

    Hey all, I just wanted to poll everyone to see what they think of my new shirt. One a scale of one to ten, or perhaps just your raw thoughts, what do you think of the cuteness and novelty factor? Thanks! :) Chiko

    Christmas Gift Box for Loved Dogs Just to let you know, we just put together an awesome and affordable Christmas gift box together. Just visit the online store if you are interested. Fun gift box includes: A Pack of 12 Very Delicious Rawhide Candy Canes. 4" Mini Squeaker Bone Toy. 24" Unstuffed...

    Herc with his new tie

    What do you think of his new tie? hehe! <a href="" title="Herc Tie3 1024 by silver_sparrow1, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="500" alt="Herc Tie3 1024"></a>

    Clip ON LED or Fully embedded LED collar

    Just wondering what is more popular 1) Clip on LED to your dogs collar 2) A collar with the LED embedded into it, which lights up the whole collar

    What LED color do you like?

    Hey all, For those whom either own or would buy a LED collar, what color would you get? I personally like red. Thus, here is the poll.

    Glow toy --need recommendation

    Now that it is getting dark, my 15lb min pin Hercules, needs a glow toy for the late evenings I take him out to the park. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks! Chiko

    Inventions and Innovation for Dogs

    Hi All, One of my dog Pinterest board is by far the most popular, among the numerous. With that said, there are many nifty concepts and actual products that you may have never seen before complied in one location (this board). With so much great feedback and growing traffic I get for it, I...

    The wicked witch dog

    Here is my Puppy Of the Month for October :) Guess not so wicked looking

    Halloween costumes

    Just curious.. Who here dresses up their four legged guy every year? If so, do you buy their costumes or do you make it yourself? I myself dress up my little guy every year and it is a split between making the costume and buying it. I try to make it to get the right look, which usually is...

    My Min Pin playing with the Vacuum

    My friend and I made an entertaining video of my min pin wresting with vacuum. Every time I vacuum I let him do this, despite it slowing me down to getting the job done. Nevertheless, it is worth it. :) Link to Video on Youtube

    My Min Pin and I wish to say hello

    Hi All, It is our pleasure to be part of this community. This is my little guy named Hercules. We ran a half marathon together, and I am Chiko, the founder of Puppy In Motion. :) Hope to get everyone a little better. Best Wishes!

    Puppy On Board Car Sign

    Hi all, My Miniature Pinscher and I are very happy to be part of this forum. We have just started a business selling novelty signs for your vehicle. They are fun and are meant to enhance dog ownership lifestyle. Below are the images and here is the link to the store if you are interested...