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    Our new puppy

    I love the bow and dress too!

    How do you feel about strangers petting your dog?

    I never had a bad experience. It is nice when ppl ask but it is not necessary and it makes my dog really happy

    Expecting puppies?

    Did your puppies show up yet?

    Cesar wet dog food recall

    Now the FDA has issued it too

    Cesar wet dog food recall

    Copy and pasted from fidosreviews: ---------------------------------- Recall Date: 10/08/2016 Brands: Cesar Classics Company: Mars Petcare Products: CESAR Filet Mignon Flavor wet dog food trays Summary Mars Petcare, is voluntarily recalling a selected CESAR Filet Mignon Flavor wet dog food...

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    He's a scraggly lookin fella right now :)

    Good dog food that is affordable

    There is this link and suggestions too Also this link maybe helpful

    Still need to go out

    Has she showed any improvement? We hope so.

    How to avoid from Dog barking???

    I think you need to be more specific about stopping your dog barking for people to help you. When is your dog barking that you don't want him/her to do so? Is it when someone is approaching, some noise such as the gate closing, when it sees another dog?

    What do you think of this device?

    Good to see such a prototype. I hope it works out well. Perhaps it is one of those products that people need to try before buying with their dogs for it does look not so comfy.

    Great New Product

    Link doesn't work

    Dog beds

    For dogs 25lbs or less, I would recommend Sofantex Pet Cave. It features red polyester cover with a partial white fleece liner for your pet to sit on. So the pros: 1) Affordable 2) Can unzip to wash 3) It has a top individual piece that unzips too. This piece covers your dog I wash...

    Dry weather causing dry skin and itching?

    Just wanted to provide an update on this matter and wrap up this thread. The itching finally did go away for about a week's time after ensuring my dog avoid unknown weeds and wilderness for 2 weeks. This was great! However, the itching came back yesterday after he busted loose in the...

    Costco Kirklands food

    They seem "so so" average. You get what you pay for. I suppose they are good value and deliver what they can for what they charge. Some Kirkland recipes having notably higher protein and at the same time lower carbs. Veggie and fruit content is on the lower side...

    Dry weather causing dry skin and itching?

    I will try coconut oil too then. Thanks! :) But first the itch maybe coming from some weed that is growing in my back alley and my guy brushes against it when he goes pee. Someone said you shouldn't touch the plant. I will try to ID the plant and let you know. The humidifier helped a bit...

    Dry weather causing dry skin and itching?

    That would be nice of you Alpha1. Thanks. :)

    Dry weather causing dry skin and itching?

    Thanks Bigpoodleperson! My guy does receive a lot of OFA 3 and 6 from various food sources. Perhaps age is another factor that is catching up to him as his sensitivity to dry weather is increasing. I think will try to get him a humidifier to see if that alleviates the issue. Thanks again!

    Dry weather causing dry skin and itching?

    Hi all! Hope you are having a good weekend! My little guy appears itching and I don't think it is from outside, fleas, showering, etc.. I think it is from the dry weather. I put some vitamin E lotion on him and it helps a bunch but does not completely solve it. Does anyone else...

    Good dry dog food as a supplement

    When you say "no poultry or fish" does this exclude typical lower rank ingredients such as fish oils or chicken fat etc..or do you just mean the top main meat ingredients?