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  1. xpaeanx

    Help me pick my wedding dress?

    Ok, so I'll be getting married in a rose garden and then going to a restaurant after. It's going to be very small, immediate family and 2 friends each. And he'll be wearing a white shirt and khakis because it's likely going to be fairly hot and we want to be comfy. Also, I will be wearing nice...
  2. xpaeanx

    Monthly Subscription Boxes Other Than BarkBox?

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with any of the other monthly subscription boxes out there? So far I'm really liking BarkBox and when our subscription ends, I def think I will be renewing..... But I have one box and two dogs... I think they (and by they I mean me) would each...
  3. xpaeanx

    Sojos vs Grandma Lucy's

    So I'm feeding Sojos right now and I really like the way the dogs are doing on it and want to stick with Freeze-dried. I was looking at Chewy's to see what all is available and I found Grandma Lucy's and I'm wondering what everyone thinks about it? I contacted Grandma Lucy's about samples, but I...
  4. xpaeanx

    Your favorite kibble for training?

    I am feeding wayyyyyy too many treats throughout the day for training. So what kibbles do you guys like as training treats? I've bought 5lb bags of kibbles in the past and it's worked out well. But obviously there are a lot of different kinds so I figure I'd ask what the current favorites...
  5. xpaeanx

    What are your favorite music videos?

    The SO sent me this video because it reminded him of me. I'm glad he sent it, I seriously LOVE it. HAHA. It matches my personality. lolol. 6JCLY0Rlx6Q So what are your favorites? And I'm looking for awesome videos, not necessarily favorite songs. I also really like this one...
  6. xpaeanx

    Chazhound Member Map....

    So the where's everyone from thread is pretty cool... unfortunately my brain doesn't work that way with geographic locations. I can't compile how many people live where based on a forum thread. So I thought if we added ourselves to a map it might be pretty cool! So please follow the link and...
  7. xpaeanx

    Moments of Brilliance

    A thread for all those small moments of brilliance that just make you want to gush somewhere. :) My moment: Other dogs are currently our kryptonite. He sees them and just kinda ends up like this: So the neighbors whose fence line runs the driveway recently adopted a dog aggressive...
  8. xpaeanx

    Recommended Sports Vets in the New England Area

    So I'm probably being a little over cautious but I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for a sports vet (focus on lameness). He came up lame after hiking yesterday (fine immediately after the hike but not after the car ride home which was 1 1/2 hours and not this morning...
  9. xpaeanx

    Home Training Room Equipment

    If you were able to dedicate a room in your house to dog training/dog fitness what things would you consider must have essentials for ANY traing? What things would you like to have after the essentials are met (like sport specific essentials)?
  10. xpaeanx

    ROAD TRIP!!!! Need ideas of places to stop.

    The SO & I are taking 2 weeks in Aug(bc next year life gets real) and roadtriping/camping something similar to this: Any suggestions on places we should stop? Hiking, food, weird, fun all good! :) We're not shoppers though, so no need for that. Also cheap... We're both pretty broke. HaHa...
  11. xpaeanx

    Funny Tag Line for Muffin

    I need help with a tag line for Muffin. I want it to be funny, about a muffin and preferably involve a love of food. I hope Chaz can help me? :)
  12. xpaeanx

    The Leather Shoppe is now accepting orders! :)

    So as stated in my prior thread, there are 4 collars and 1 leash for Sale at a very discounted rate. Please keep in mind that these are going to be tester collars, so they are sold "as is." There are 2 decorated(spots) and 2 name collars(stamped and painted) avail as well as the 1 leash. Please...
  13. xpaeanx

    Fenzi's Tricks Class? Treiball Class?

    So has anyone taken the tricks class? I'm debating between tricks or treiball for June classes. I want to just do something fun and low key... I've been through too much serious stress lately. We need to do silly now.
  14. xpaeanx

    Diabetes in Dogs

    So, I need some more information on diabetes in dogs.... so I'm making a thread about it. ;) I'd like to get some background information before our next appt on Thursday so I can go in with worked out questions and not my random thoughts going everywhere. So if anyone can answer questions or...
  15. xpaeanx

    Vibes for Keeda.

    She's started slowing down a lot recently and then just went off her food completely. She's always been picky so I made her home cooked chicken soup-wouldn't touch it. We're at the vet, he felt a mass in her abdomen and she's getting an x-ray as I type this. Oh my old lady. :(
  16. xpaeanx


    Do YOU like it? I'm really curious... I'm baking a cheesecake right now, but when it comes out I'm going to head to the store and buy some liver to try cooking tonight. Maybe I'll like it? Maybe the dog's will have an extra special dinner tonight. :rofl1:
  17. xpaeanx

    At Cost Leather Collars and Business Questions

    So a while ago I decided I'd like to start making leather collars for my dogs as well as family/friends. There is a lot to get when you decided to make your own collars, so I'm finally just getting there supply wise. Anyway, I'm thinking about trying to make leather collars for some part...
  18. xpaeanx

    Meal Planning Websites

    Has anyone ever tried one? What did you like/dislike about them? Any recommendations? I'm really terrible about planning meals and half the time I will skip meals or eat crap because I'm too tired to go to the grocery store. Then when I am there I never know what I need more than a day...
  19. xpaeanx

    How long did it take before your first agility competition?

    I'm just wondering what the average amount of time it's taken people to train a dog to be able to Q in Novice level. I realize different dogs will take different amounts of time just based on how they learn... but I really just want a very general idea.
  20. xpaeanx

    My Future Home!

    So next May, I take my boards and am ready to actually leave Long Island. The SO and I were talking about renting/buying/etc... it seems we're pretty narrowed down to one area for the next 10 years at least and knowing us... that pretty much means we'll actually stay there until we retire...