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  1. kms1167

    Some fetch at the Park!

    I thought I'd share a few pictures from our hike at the park last week! Sorry for the poor quality - our camera isn't working so we are stuck with the cell phone for now! Nice secluded area that Harley thought would make an ideal swimming hole Time for a little fetch The current...
  2. kms1167

    Dirty Dog!

    We have had some unusually warm weather this week so we decided to take Harley to the park for an afternoon walk. We realized quickly that there may have been better (less muddy) places to go but forged on because Harley was having a blast! So much for last weeks trip to the groomers...
  3. kms1167

    Dog Product Reviews

    Hi everyone! I recently decided to start up a website as a place to share reviews on dog products. I have had so many good and bad experiences that I thought it could save others some time and money. Its pretty new but we have already accumulated over 50 reviews and would appreciate anyone...
  4. kms1167

    Day at the park

    we took Harley to a park this weekend in Mendon, NY. he had a great time swimming and hiking through the woods... here he is enjoying the view... fetching his water wubba (for the 50th time!) Wondering why we aren't coming in with him :) Looking for a rock :) Drying off...
  5. kms1167

    Hello from me and Harley!

    Hi everyone! My name is Kevin and I have a 3 year old Golden Retriever named Harley. He is a very active guy, loves swimming, running, and chasing squirrels:lol-sign: I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing/hearing all your stories.