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  1. MilliesMom

    Dog beds

    Our newest beds are from Costco, they have the big, square, "furry" kind here right now. My guys/gal all love them. They also love the Drs Foster & Smith Slumberball. Heck, I've been known to drag THAT one in front of the TV myself!
  2. MilliesMom

    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    "Ok, WHO FARTED?!?!?!?!" What can I say, I have greyhounds.
  3. MilliesMom


    Oh no. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
  4. MilliesMom

    Baby Teaches Dog to use Hoover

    My "guys" are greyhounds, if Charlie got a Great Dane or a Wolfhound on the crew they'd have the window dog snot art covered... literally.
  5. MilliesMom

    Escape-proof gear for weasely weaseldogs

    What about something like the Freedom No Pull harness (Wiggles, Wags & Whiskers)? For slippy greyhounds I always recommend that combined by a dual leash to a martingale collar. Better safe than sorry.
  6. MilliesMom


    We had "Off!" on, but I think these mosquitoes thought it was condiment. That and I put it on before I changed into my sandals. I swear, if they didn't go after the bits of skin between my sandals, they went for my eyeballs. Stupid thing was that we knew how bad it was in that area, it's...
  7. MilliesMom


    Omgosh, swarms of them! :)
  8. MilliesMom

    Baby Teaches Dog to use Hoover

    What's Charlie's hourly rate for cleaning? Does he do windows? Better yet, can he teach my guys to do that? Enjoyed your videos, very well done! Your daughter's adorable. :)
  9. MilliesMom


    We took the canoe out to a nearby reservoir on Thursday. It was a bit windy so we paddled to the leeward side of a small heavily wooded island for a bit of a rest. I swear, we were swarmed by mosquitoes. Yeah, in a canoe when all you want to do is that mad, flailing, heebie jeebie "OMG...
  10. MilliesMom

    Poop containment?

    Right now, with the three greyhounds, we have two backyard poop composters. When we only had one dog and lived in a townhouse, I'd just scoop as soon as she went and brought it inside to flush it. Bathroom was right near the back door. Wonder if you couldn't find a used Diaper Genie? I've...
  11. MilliesMom

    Greyhounds (or, another breed?)

    Honestly, "physical, animated, bouncy, happy" describes my Holly perfectly. She's got the spunk and sense of humour of a 2 year old greyhound. She's nearly 12, LOL.
  12. MilliesMom

    Solo in the Fog

    Wow! He's absolutely stunning!
  13. MilliesMom

    Greyhounds (or, another breed?)

    I suspect I'm going to be of no help at all, LOL. I have three retired racing greyhounds at the moment, have lost two over the years. 1.) Do they tend to have any toy drive at all? Some do, some don't. One of mine is an avid stuffy and shoe collector. All shoes, all stuffies...
  14. MilliesMom


    I'm so very sorry for your loss. You may have only had her for 2 years, but they were clearly her BEST 2 years.
  15. MilliesMom

    Oh, Middie.

    Awww, I'm so very sorry for your loss.
  16. MilliesMom

    Letting pets sleep in your bed can kill you!

    For S&G and because this is my day off, I ran justin001's post through Google Translate. Beats cleaning the house. So this: Went from English, to Spanish, to French, to Portuguese, to Yiddish, to Finnish, to Russian, to Zulu, to Latvian, to Polish, (all randomly chosen) then back to...
  17. MilliesMom

    American Bulldogs

    I don't have one, but that cute little face literally made me gasp! She's adorable.
  18. MilliesMom

    Weird breed guesses?

    Holly's a smallish girl, so I get asked if she's a Whippet a lot. Once if she was an Italian Greyhound. Riggin got "Pit Bull" once... I think that's a dark brindle thing. He's on a diet now! Jesse... omgosh, Great Dane, always Great Dane. Fawn coloured, very large and very shy. And...
  19. MilliesMom

    Canadian Pet Expo?

    I'm probably going on the Sunday.