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  1. MilliesMom

    This.... I want this for Christmas. Does it get any better than a greyhound as Frank-N-Furter (but as a greyhound, maybe substitute the "u" in Furter with an "a".) and a Saluki as Riff Raff?
  2. MilliesMom

    Holy Reindeer!

    We have snow in SW Ontario! Not much, just enough to cover the grass and the roads will probably be bare before the sun comes up. But wow, snow for Christmas morning! And it's the pretty sparkly kind! And here I am, yet again, awake before everybody else. Youngest kid is 18, oldest is 24...
  3. MilliesMom

    Dog Car Safety Restraints

    The Center for Pet Safety did a study on some of those restraints sold for cars. What an eye-opener! And the videos, even though I know they're not real dogs... ugh, sad just thinking what could happen to a real dog.
  4. MilliesMom

    And this is the look I get...

    Oops, forgot her birthday last week (omgosh, and it was her 10th)!