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  1. J

    Just look at this smile...

    As I said, Just look at this smile... It makes all the work and effort of being a parent and being involved in your childs life a real reward! It is also comforting to know, that you are teaching them a way of life that is sustaining and not relying on the grocery stores. :D
  2. J

    Children and dogs.. Am I alone?

    I didn't want to hijack a thread, so I made this one... Is there anyone out there that feels a family dog should be trusted with the children of their family? I for one would rather my children be with my dogs without supervision, than for them to be alone without supervision. Does that even...
  3. J

    Sending a package from US to Canada?

    Have you ever sent a package from U.S. to Canada? Have you used a label printed online from USPS? Do you really have to list everything seperately that is inside your package? How important is it to list everything and give each items cost? Do they actually open the packages at the border? It...
  4. J

    See where I have been!

    This is my new living room... This is my kitchen... Another kitchen shot... Open view of both. Not huge..... But everything we need. Lol
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    Guess Who?

    Hey Everyone.... I have really missed you all!! I have finally got my telephone and computer hooked up! So I am back on line! We are still living at our camp, and our garage is where my computer is which is beside our home site. We have our basement complete and our house should be here...
  6. J

    I think this will be it for a while...

    My internet expires tonight at midnight, and since I don't want to pay for another month and we will be out of our house by the 13th or 16th... I don't want to pay for a month and only get a week.... So... I will miss checking in on you all! :( Hopefully we can get internet thru our dish...
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    Good Charlie.... very tempted... but the leave it command worked again.

    Charlie and I just went out in the backyard. These two adult bluejays started trying to swoop and attack us...(they seem much bigger upclose). Well Charlie (my bird dog) saw right away the little baby bluejay running in the yard.... He instantly went to grab it, well maybe retrieve it. Lol I...
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    I need am serious!

    The closing on our house that we are selling is supposed to be July 13. :yikes: I need to sort thru 15 years of living this huge house. I have no motivation. I am overwhelmed and do not know where to start. We should be out by the closing... What am I going to do? My husband has...
  9. J

    A Housewarming Party?

    My bestfriend wants to host a housewarming party for me after we are situated in our new house.... but I feel a bit like it is just asking for gifts, and that is definately not me. :D Although I do NEED some new things... such as towels, pots&pans, bakeware, everyday dinnerware....a new...
  10. J

    What is a hybrid?

    I see great variations on the definition of a hybrid. Speaking of mammals not plants. Lol..... What is your definition?
  11. J

    Skinny Dip? (Pics)

    Here are a few skinny dipping pics.... of Rocket and Charlie......... Lol
  12. J


    Hi everyone! Summer is getting busy. I think we have our house sold...and not thru a real estate agency. :) We have our well dug at our homesite, and are going tomorrow to start picking out a modular. We have already decided on a company to buy from. Although we had to drill two wells...
  13. J

    What would you do if your dog got lost?

    This is something none of us would like to think of.... but in all reality it could really happen to any of us. Even with very responsible owners it could happen. So anyway, after my friend, a responsible dog owner lost both of her dogs, and has only found one of them..:( We have alot of...
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    Chaz vibes and prayers needed for my friend..

    Since I know this place is a source of huge support, I am asking you all for good vibes/prayers/well wishes etc. This request is for my very close friend, a fellow dog lover. Her dogs have ran away. Yesterday at around 1:00 pm they disappeared, she has always been very responsible, and I know...
  15. J

    Kind of Icky.... But Educational

    I guess you learn something new everyday.... and I have pictures. During my bird watching, I was shocked to see the way baby birds have a poo poo. I was not shocked to see mother and father bird eat it... but I was shocked that it does not look like "bird poop"...... it looks like a...
  16. J

    Please Help, Which Picture do you Like best?

    Four pictures... Do you like any of them? What is your favorite? A,B,C,or D (A) (B) (C) (D)
  17. J

    Wildlife....... A few pictures! LOOK

    I tried to take a few pics of the baby birds by my backdoor, and a couple of the lizards I saw. I was a little dissapointed in my efforts, and these are just a few that don't make your head hurt...
  18. J

    Hubby and kids went mushroom hunting......

    They only brought back 3 morrels and a grand total of 7 far :yikes: . The ticks are out and really bad here this year. :(
  19. J

    Rocket is at the Vets.

    Our Rocket has cried out in pain several times in the past two days. If she jumps up into hubby's durango she cries. She ran up the steps she cried. She crawled from under the porch in the backyard and she yelped. She is not limping and can still run around, but has not been near as active...
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    Speaking of Modular Homes.

    Didn't want to highjack the other thread. :D But, I go on Monday to register my kids at another school for next school year. It is the district where our land is... No we are not living there yet, but hubby is determined to be there by the start of the new school year. (It's only about 3...