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  1. corgi_love

    Please help! Random, erratic behavior

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a thousand years! I don't know if anyone remembers me, or is still around since I used to post. Anyhow, I have a serious issue with my 10-year-old corgi, Regis, and I'm terrified. Background info: Regis is an extremely calm, mellow dog. In the last 1-2 years...
  2. corgi_love

    Senior GSD in Southern California - Help, please!!

    Hello, I used to be a semi-frequent poster here a few years ago. My boyfriend's (families) dog, Missy, is in need of rehoming- urgently. She has a bad home situation and everyone's hands are tied. My boyfriend's father says she needs to be out otherwise he is going to drop her off somewhere(??)...
  3. corgi_love

    Regis keeps pooping inside :(

    Yes it's california natural. Thats a good point.. I'll have to check out the raw diet thing. I only have a tiny area for a fridge, so I'm assuming when I get a fridge the freezer area will be pretty small.. I'll see though. Are there any other brands that I can feed with less grains? I went...
  4. corgi_love

    Regis keeps pooping inside :(

    Thanks for the great advice! Right now he's on a brand by the same people who make Innova I think, it's a kibble but it's only rice and chicken in it, or something like that. I'll definitely look into raw diet.. I just have to see how it fits into my budget! You all are SO sweet.. thanks so...
  5. corgi_love

    Regis keeps pooping inside :(

    Hey guys.. so first off, I know I keep disappearing off of here. Sorry about that. I broke up with my now exboyfriend and moved back home to California. He was abusive. I snuck out when we was at church(hah.) and I never went back. Regis used to be a completely, 100% housebroken dog. He...
  6. corgi_love


    (: Adding to what's already been mentioned: Regis is great because he is so flexible. If I wanted to go take him to the park, he will run around and play for well over an hour at a time. Usually he will take a break and be ready to go running again. Or, if I am unable to get out that day, he...
  7. corgi_love

    How do I find classes?

    Hii everyone. It's been forever. I am back home in Southern California and I have decided to take Regis back to school(lol). I got him his CGC, however, he's a bit rusty. I really am not sure he would be able to pass certain parts of the test again. I also really want to do therapy...
  8. corgi_love


    Are you wanting info on Cardigans too? (:
  9. corgi_love

    What pet vacuum do you have?

    ^ Exactly! I feel like I can keep spending $100 on crap vacuum's, or I can invest in a nice one that will last a while. I think long-term it pays for itself! Thanks again guys, I'm really excited about getting this Dyson now!
  10. corgi_love

    What pet vacuum do you have?

    Gosh, thanks so much guys! I'd love a Kirby, my mom has one and says she never used it.. To heavy/too big of a house. But I don't have stairs or anything and I'd love to have it.. So I'll have to talk to her, maybe I can get her to send it to me somehow! Otherwise, I'm definitely going for...
  11. corgi_love

    What pet vacuum do you have?

    How long have you had it for? Any repairs or anything like that you had to have done so far? Thanks <3
  12. corgi_love

    What pet vacuum do you have?

    I know I'm not really active here, but my vacuum just broke and now I'm at loss as to what I should buy! I can't decide if I should go for the really expensive one with a 5-year warranty, or a cheap one that will last a year or two! What vacuum's do you guys have? How long have you had it...
  13. corgi_love

    Word usage - Pet peeves

    I feel even the word "annoyed" is too strong, but I generally feel confused(I guess?) when really simple words are just spelled incorrectly, like "feel". But for all I know the person simply made a typo or, like I sometimes do, I put together letters & words incorrectly and then not seeing it...
  14. corgi_love

    soap in the mouth

    My mouth was washed out with soap(bar or the liquidy kind, depends how bad I was and what was around) and I thought it was really effective and I'm certainly not "scarred" from the horrid "abuse" of my mouth being washed out, haha. I learned not to say bad words fast, and when I did say it, I...
  15. corgi_love


    I have really bad anxiety issues as well. All I can say is be REALLY careful if you decide to take medication for it. Most anxiety meds are extremely addictive, and most doctors won't even warn you about it. Also pay very, very close attention to how you feel mentally after taking them for...
  16. corgi_love

    Do you like your screen name?

    I still enjoy mine, lol. I love Newf's and all, but Cardi's are my heart breed! I don't really like my aim screen names though.. but I'm so terrible at thinking of clever ones :/
  17. corgi_love

    What should I do...!?

    I kind of have to agree with Sparks on seperating yourself from them both. If David is so[sorry, but true] mentally unstable that he would kill himself if he didn't have you as a friend, he has serious issues he needs to work out with himself. He was about to shoot himself? Honestly? If...
  18. corgi_love

    The Colorado Balloon boy thing was just a ruse...

    I heard about this earlier and I have to agree, I hope they get in legal trouble for this!
  19. corgi_love

    This is kind of insane...

    I haven't heard any updates yet. Maybe the sibling saw him get in, but didn't see him get out? Or maybe the kid jumped out and is scared of getting in trouble and that's why he hasn't come home.. I'm just trying not to think the worst ): I hope he's okay ):
  20. corgi_love

    Selling a puppy to Hawaii

    How is it possible to keep a place like Hawaii rabie-free? How do they prevent people from smuggling in dogs from ships and boats? Just wondering!!