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    FDA warning about grain free diet

    I'm sure you've all heard about this... Does anyone remember how to contact the active poster from 10 years ago that founded the dog food project and seemed to know a lot about food? I've been joining facebook groups about the issue and a lot of people are recommending royal canin for good...
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    What do you wear at a wedding?

    Alright we're going to a wedding in December. I've been to weddings in the past but it was two of them and it was 15+years ago and I was overweight so I basically wore a skirt and a shirt. Now I can wear something nicer, but I'm completely clueless about what people typically wear for those...
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    Fall allergies?

    It's starting again, every August/September, Tips starts to have allergies... pawing at his eyes and nose a lot, irritating his skin until most of the hair is gone. Has anyone's dog gone through the same thing? What did you do to fix it? He's seen the vet several times and they've given us...
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    PMS questions to the ladies...

    I'm getting desperate... Does anyone know an herbal supplement or anything that helps with PMS symptoms? Hunger and craving, typically... I track my food. Normally I have no problem eating 1800 calories (that's a 400ish calories deficit to help me lose my last couple months... bigger than it...
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    Bra question for the ladies

    What kind of bras do you wear with sundresses? It's the first time I actually bought some and my bras are just too noticeable underneath (one has crossed straps in the back too so I'm guessing there won't be a way around it). I've never tried strapless bras and I'm clueless about those too.
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    Boston/Maine road trip with kids?

    I'm starting to think about planning our trip for July... Does anyone have any recommendation? I'm totally clueless about what could be fun for kids up there.
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    Movie or book first?

    The $100 question... do you like reading a book or watching the movie first? I read some comments on Facebook about how people were glad they read a book before seeing the movie, and I just don't get it. I mean, yeah, I've been very excited about seeing some movies when they adapt a book...
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    Do you answer the front door when you're alone?

    I usually don't (unless I expect someone of course). Between having to keep the dog away because he goes nuts, and the fact that 99% of the time, it's people who want to sell me stuff, I just ignore it... And yeah I'm sure that they know there is someone home most of the time, and it's probably...
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    White hairs...

    OK you're all pretty much younger than me and probably don't have to deal with it yet, but if you have... what do you do? They are multiplying and I have relatively dark brown hair and just... ugh. I'm not taking it well. I've been plucking them out but at this rate I'm going to get bald, plus I...
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    What do you feed your cats?

    I'm pulling my hair out with my cat! I've tried a few things and the only thing she used to eat consistently was Wellness, the saucy kind... and now even that's not always the case. I've tried Core, Primal Instinct... no go. She won't eat dry food. Help? I'd like to try to stick to grain...
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    Hair dying?

    So I'm starting to get white hairs. They are thicker and I keep plucking them and obviously they keep coming back... so I'm considering dying my hair. I only did it once before though, so I'm clueless... I don't really dare trying the at home stuff, but how much does it cost to have it done at a...
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    This pisses me off! Seriously? That's just messed up.
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    TV Season finales... rant!

    Why can't we have seasons that end up well? I mean, gosh... I don't need a cliffhanger to make me watch it again next year if I like it. If I didn't, I wouldn't even have bothered watching the finale anyway... And if you guys are not sure your series is going to be renewed, could you at least...
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    Good mobile games?

    I was playing Doctor Who Legacy but the last update is too hard and frustrating, so I'm looking for something else... Free, that doesn't require friends or whatnot, and that isn't too frustrating... Suggestions?
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    Shaving question for women

    How does everyone shave? I keep saying that if I ever win the lottery, the first thing I'm doing is permanent hair removal... I'm so SICK of ingrown hairs! I used to use Veet, but it got expensive, so I used an epilator, and got horrible ingrown hairs (that was 15 years ago). I tried to have...
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    What are your Christmas plans?

    It's still a bit odd to me that most people seem to celebrate on Christmas day here. When I was a kid, we had the big meal on Christmas' Eve (and opened presents then once we were older), and Christmas was mostly a relaxing day with a lighter meal. Anyway, Monday night we're going to one of...
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    Is facebook down for anyone else?

    I'm confused. Even the site I use to see if sites are down ( doesn't even seem to recognize it...
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    Eczema cream?

    I have weird skin between my fingers on my right hand. It just seems dry and the skin seems cracked a little bit... kinda flaky. I did my super scrub on them (sugar and olive oil), some of the skin flakes are gone but it's still a mess. Doesn't itch or hurt at all but it's annoying me. I've...
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    Can doctors refuse to refill a necessary prescription?

    Long story short... I found a doctor when I moved, but we switched insurance and he wasn't covered anymore. It took me a while to find another one, during which I ended up at the hospital for 3 days because of asthma... I ended up getting the doctor who treated me as primary doctor. I didn't...
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    12yo needs an Ipad for school?

    I got to ask... am I the only one shocked by this statement? Ok I have no idea how school works these days. Heck when I was in school, all the American shows I watched showed kids doing their homework on the computer... I never did my homework on the computer. Is it expected now? The woman...