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    Introducing Benjamin

    He is now 4 months old, and such a love! Its been busy with the holidays, family etc so I thought I posted this, but I guess not. Here is his first music video for a summary. He sure is growing Fast! ( and yes- he is a Borzoi) YouTube - Benjamin music
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    Nina's first show and video

    Picking a small indoor show, so Nina can 'learn the ropes, She did Great! Great experience for her! Only 4 Borzoi at the show, but we wanted to get her out, and start her out. ( drum roll please...) Best of Breed Puppy, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex!! Also makes her first...
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    Borzoi music video- Blizzard 2010

    Music is by John Williams " Flight to Neverland" from movie " Hook" Enjoy... YouTube - Flight to Neverland 2 blizzard 2010.wmv
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    Borzoi Can Fly music video

    Music by Basshunter " I can walk on water I can fly " Enjoy. YouTube - Borzoi can fly 2
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    Nina hit her " abb-baa-baa button"

    ( at the request of someone to share this.. but its funny.. This happened november 13th and yes- she is fine- .. Arnica is great stuff!) This is not meant to be funny- sort of comical relief more than anything. On Friday ( the 13th),She was out in the yard its 6am, and we always go out there...
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    OH My God! Nina photo of the week

    IN European Borzoi site! This is now the second time of of my dogs has been selected.. Wow! Pic of the week
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    "Is it Good Nina??" LOL

    Funny girl..
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    Snow playtime.

    The girls had a ball! This was taken late morning. Girls are having a ball! Video - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
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    Christmas Cookies

    I received this in a email this morning, and just about suffocated with laughter.. "Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies 1 cup of water 1 tsp baking soda 1 cup of sugar 1 tsp salt...
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    Meet stella..

    She is "my grandaughter" ie step sons Dobie imported.. She is staying with us now for a little bit, and working on focus.. Granted- she has not grown into her ears or her feet as she is only 6 months old- but say hello to Stella... Video - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video...
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    Rest in Peace Femka

    On April 24th, Femka lost her battle. I know its been awhile but still hard to talk about.. Femka came to us at 5 years from rescue. Frightened, never lived in a house etc, but became our precious " black bullet".. Anyway- here is her memorial video. Rest in peace my sweet angel. You...
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    "Frosty the snow man" Borzoi music video.

    Enjoy.. Lindsey is the white one, Nina is the black brindle. YouTube - Frosty the snow man.wmv
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    "12 Puppy days Til Christmas ... "

    ( saw this on another forum and roared with laugher.. Never saw it before..) 12 Puppy Days Til' Christmas -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Puppy day to Christmas On the first day of Christmas my puppy gave to me The Santa topper...
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    Internet explorer security issue

    Here is the link for the information.
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    "Snow lovin dog' video

    Saw this on another forum and it is a total riot! Hope you enjoy. :D
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    Warning- Potpourri Poisoning

    This is posted with permission "We have suffered a terrible, terrible tragedy last Wed. Two, beloved Cavaliers of mine, Haley and Zoe both ate potpourri from a decorative basket in my Living room. Within hours, they were vomiting it, convulsing and going into total body rigidity and...
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    What charities do you give too?

    We give to two. St.Judes and the HS of the area we use to live at.. Whom do you give too?
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    physical weather predictors..

    I thought this might be fun.. Do you have a physical part of your body that predicts weather? Snow, ice, rain etc.. With me its my right knee. I mangled it years ago and everytime if its going to snow it starts popping. When a big snow is coming it pops once and feels GREAT! So what is...
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    what a witchy day I had..

    and this was just the start of it.. I knew I should have stayed in bed today.. I have a cold- no big deal but still a cold with stuffy head, sore throat etc. Anyway- I had to take some papers in on a errand, so I get dressed etc and leave.. Driving down the road I see a cop coming the other...
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    Borzoi " Winter wonderland"

    Made last year.. Its a music video so you need the sound on.. Enjoy.