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  1. pitbullpony

    Doggie Wet Nurse needed for Colostrum ~ New Hampshire/Vermont

    Posting for a friend; Rat Terrier mama had to have emergency surgery on her pancreas. 7 pups born at day 54, surviving but will be in need of colostrum. Please call Electra Blair - 802-371-8427 , cross post please Thanks
  2. pitbullpony

    New Misty and Jiggy pics

    Misty is now 4.5 mos.; she's gots her ears and trying on her big girl boots "I can do it!", Jiggy is as ever; my handsome man.
  3. pitbullpony

    New Misty pics with her new best friend

    Misty has a new best friend; Allie a very very nice GSD pup; who she gets to roll with; pics taken by my oldest friend and owner of Allie C. Loguasto
  4. pitbullpony

    Can you load a clicker with toy/play?

    I've been reading Killion's book; like it. Been reading her blog, nice. But her suggestion is clicker = food (calmer mind) and then a different noise for toy reward. My problem; low/no food drive dog, that is going to get ramped for a toy, and I need focus; that is where our problem lies (if...
  5. pitbullpony

    PG (?) Dora, Jiggs, and Misty pictures

    Dora is likely pregnant; due Jan 31-ish, here are some bulked up photos of her. Jiggs is still Jiggs and we have a new Rat Terrier pup Misty.
  6. pitbullpony

    New pics of Dora and Jiggs, my sister's dog Penny, some collars I did . . .

    for a Sighthound Specialty at Gateway, and Kimmy's babies
  7. pitbullpony

    Pics of the doggers . . . updated -- including Diamond

    She has one black nipple Playing in the quarry Girl and her puppy Jiggy Dora letting me know what she thinks of Diamond.
  8. pitbullpony

    Diamond has arrived!

    Avalon's rat terrier pup has arrived. Picked her up in Buffalo at 1:30, got home by 4:00; very nice little pup. Sweet but not a suck, has food drive and toy drive -- Jiggs just has toy drive; so she should be way more fun to train. Dora is being nice; hasn't grumbled at her at all; Jiggs is...
  9. pitbullpony

    Took Jiggy to a dog show this weekend . . .

    and he got a Total Dog, most likely his URO1 (he scored 91/92/93) and is a competition win away from his Championship; so we had a good time; . . . well; I had a good time; he humoured me for the weekend; so I appreciated him for that! ^^^^^You can see how thrilled he is! Below is a...
  10. pitbullpony

    Greyfriars Bobby a fraud?

    He makes us cry ¿ that¿s why we need a Greyfriars Bobby | Mail Online Greyfriars Bobby: Just Victorian Business Branding - Tim Worstall - It's All Trivial Or Obvious Except - Forbes
  11. pitbullpony

    Pet cloning falters . . .

    Pet cloning falters: News24: Sci-Tech: News
  12. pitbullpony

    News, news, happy dance news

    Kim (FoxFire Kim Possible) is preggers. She was bred to FoxFire Legends Primo. She is due near the end of August. She currently resides with Jeannine in New York; and me and the kids are very excited to go and visit and play with Kimmy puppies. Kim is CH URO1 FF Kim Possible Total Dog TT...
  13. pitbullpony

    Dog Day Afternoon

    Some photos I took the other day; playing with the Shepherds, a little bulldog type and of course my guys;
  14. pitbullpony

    Do you know anyone with "teacup pigs".

    I believe it is something like this Home of the fine little swine I'm curious; a friend of mine wants one for her daughter; as far as I'm concerned pigs aren't pets; they are accompaniments to eggs at breakfast time; so I'm not really any help. I told her I knew a "few" people who might have...
  15. pitbullpony

    Dora, Jiggs, Steve and the Horse Show

    A good time was had by all; Dora was a lovely lady, Jiggs a charming sophisticate and Steve; he learned that horse shows aren't all about Steve! A Very Important Lesson to learn! Betty Steve; Dora and Jigg's Boxer Friend Steve and Jiggs waiting for us to do something with them...
  16. pitbullpony

    Dora Today - May 5, 2011

    Two pictures of my girlie; today May 5, 2011
  17. pitbullpony

    We Puppy Sat -- Dora's Nephew Dexter

    What a lovely little man; so sweet; the kids loved him and he loved the kids; Avi kept commenting on how much he looked like Dora! Jiggs was a jerk and kept beating him up; poor puppy (didn't seem too fazed by it). Dexter and Mitch over the bridge Avi calling Dexter; she loved...
  18. pitbullpony

    Voki's -- have you played with them yet?

    Here's one I did; Voki Scene pickup
  19. pitbullpony

    Ontario Residents; another round of petitions to repeal BSL

    Caveat has the goods; caveat :: IT'S PETITION TIME AGAIN! printable petition; let's get it started!
  20. pitbullpony

    Snow, no snow, what's a Rattie to do? Dora pics too!

    Well; be happy one day and VERY VERY disappointed the next, :cry: However I was nice and took him to the horse farm the next day after the snow; so he could play with his "friend" (sometimes) Steve. Pics of Jiggs girlfriend Dora as well. First the non-snow . . . This area...