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  1. MericoX


    Been a member for years, but the last couple have mostly lurked with an occasional post here and there. What with having a puppy in the house again after 10 years, I'll admit I'm a bit rusty and feel it's time to get back into the dog community again! I still have Kiba (now 11) and Stryder...
  2. MericoX

    Let's talk Goats!

    What with having a goat at our shelter the last few months, everyone here getting goats, and my lifelong want of having goats, I have finally convinced the powers that be that we should have some goats. I am specifically looking at a pair or trio of pygmy goats, I figured what with maine...
  3. MericoX

    Cat Names

    Looking for a neat name for this guy. He came in as a stray at the shelter I work at with wicked bad ear mites and bloody ears. With this guy's "health issues" (his ears and being FIV+) I've spent some extra time with him since usually the special cats stick around longer than your...
  4. MericoX

    Brainstorming Help! Overlooked Pets in Shelters

    I'm trying to start up a program where overlooked pets (animals that have been with us longer than 30 days) can be helped to get a kick in the pants and be adopted. I was researching what others do to get their rabbits adopted and came across the idea on an animal shelter website. Right now...
  5. MericoX

    What are you getting your significant other for Christmas?

    I am completely stuck at what to get the bf for Christmas. Any attempts at asking him what he wants he just replies with he doesn't need anything *stabs*. I have a few inside joke things I'm getting him, but nothing big. Jump start my brain and share what you're getting yours!
  6. MericoX

    Bladder Stones for everyone!

    At the vet with Nimbus for an xray for suspected bladder stones. And Edward my guinea pig is getting an xray to see if he's got stones or just a UTI. Fun fun here at my house, just don't drink the water!!!
  7. MericoX

    Bitches be Cray Cray

    The past month or so Nimbus has been stalking Kiba in an attempt to challenge her for what I presume to be top bitch. Nimbus will wait for Kiba outside her crate, charge ahead of her down the stairs, and wait outside the outside door and then gets all up in her face. Kiba will sometimes engage...
  8. MericoX

    Need thoughts, vibes, suggestions, etc.

    The dogs have been sick for the last month and a half. It started with Charlie going off her food, throwing up bile, and not eating. Moved on to the next food and she started eating, then back to throwing up bile along with the other four dogs also being sick off and on and throwing up bile...
  9. MericoX

    Nimbus Storm...

    Is now officially part of the crew. :)
  10. MericoX


    Does anyone have a dog that whines when they want something? What methods did you use to get them to stop? Nimbus (3 year old adult) whines constantly when she wants something. Whining to get on the bed, whining because there's some random something or other she saw that she wants, whining...
  11. MericoX

    Epic Name Thread

    Not sure if we have one already, but thought I'd be nice to have a thread for all those awesome name of dogs you either know, have heard, dogs you stalk, etc. Plus I'm stuck on a name for former-foster dog.
  12. MericoX

    Pokemon Friend Codes

    Seems like everyone has gotten it for Christmas, figured a new thread was in order. Mine's 3711-8387-8359. Water type, I've got Krabby, Floatzel, and Poliwhirl in my Friend Safari.
  13. MericoX

    Heat Cycles

    Yeah... the foster dog is going into heat. Can someone refresh my memory how long each stage lasts? I'm getting conflicting information on the internetz.
  14. MericoX

    Overweight Dogs

    For anyone that's had to slim a dog down, how did you go about doing it? My little foster is on a diet, she's getting 3/4 cup of ToTW grain-free a day (just switched her to grain-free today due to her skin infection), a very small handful of green beans in the evenings, and two cookies per...
  15. MericoX

    Holiday Deals

    Figured it'd be nice to have one place where we can share any Black Friday Deals or general ads for the holiday.
  16. MericoX

    Joint Supplements

    What do you give your dogs? I've been thinking about switching Kiba to a different level of GlycoFlex (she's currently taking the II) or to one of Dr. F&S other Joint Care formulas. With possibly adding another dog onto it, one of the F&S ones would be cheaper in the long run. Thoughts?
  17. MericoX

    Christmas Deals

    Figured it'd be nice to have a place to post about good deals for the upcoming holidays. I myself am probably going to hit up Petsmart on Black Friday for a few dog beds for the crew.
  18. MericoX

    Need Foster Dog Name

    Fostering a 3 year old Miniature Schnauzer girlie right now. Her owner died and the family member that had her has pretty much been neglecting her because she didn't want her for the 2 weeks she had her. Untreated skin infection (which smells awesome btw), she cowers when you reach down to pet...
  19. MericoX

    Just wanted to share...

    A shelter* that we work a lot with up here in Maine had a Mega Match-A-Thon. I'm not sure on their in-house numbers, but they had around 75 cats/kittens returning from foster care and had 60-70 transfer dogs/puppies (just from Alabama) specifically for the...
  20. MericoX

    Yes, I do still have dogs

    Struck me today posting pictures on Facebook that I haven't posted pictures of the crew in ages. Stryder will be 8 in January. Other than the white on his face he doesn't act any older (or smarter) than his 18 month old self. Before being groomed today. Kiba in the background and Lincoln...