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  1. pitbullpony

    Doggie Wet Nurse needed for Colostrum ~ New Hampshire/Vermont

    Posting for a friend; Rat Terrier mama had to have emergency surgery on her pancreas. 7 pups born at day 54, surviving but will be in need of colostrum. Please call Electra Blair - 802-371-8427 , cross post please Thanks
  2. pitbullpony

    New Hip Dysplasia Reserach: Environment Has More Impact Than Orginally Believed

    With the research being done in Norway, I wonder if there is not some link to lack of Vitamin D and the development of osteo issues in developing pups.
  3. pitbullpony

    Breeder selecting puppy for you

    Picking pups, my choice or the breeders I've not picked any of my own dogs; they've all been picked by the breeder/agreed upon by myself, 3/5 have worked out fine. Indy (BYB APBT) - puppy that was being beaten up by his mom, "breeder" owed my gf a favour; she said Do you still want your...
  4. pitbullpony

    New Misty and Jiggy pics

    Dora is back at her breeders for a little bit. Diamond passed away from a wild animal attack very shortly after we got her (RIP Little One) Diamond already throws her weight around; she's 13 lbs at 4 mos, Jiggs is 20 lbs at nearly 2 years; she bum checks him while running; he moves a foot!
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    New Misty and Jiggy pics

    Misty is now 4.5 mos.; she's gots her ears and trying on her big girl boots "I can do it!", Jiggy is as ever; my handsome man.
  6. pitbullpony

    Dual/multiple sired litters

    I've read that if you do a surgical implantation of one sire into one horn and one sire into the other; it improves the odds; expensive all the way round though.
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    Who has grouchy sleepers?

    I think it's very much a terrier thing (although little dogs can be a-holes about being moved too). Jiggs is my worst, he sleeps under the covers (his choice) and if another dog/human touches him from outside the covers; he sounds like he's going to tear you a new one -- never has bitten; just...
  8. pitbullpony

    New Misty pics with her new best friend

    Misty has a new best friend; Allie a very very nice GSD pup; who she gets to roll with; pics taken by my oldest friend and owner of Allie C. Loguasto
  9. pitbullpony

    Collie that won Westminster is son of double merle

    Lethal White Overo in horses is linked to the white colour though; but my understanding is it's a development in parallel with the colour. The syndrome has deafness, and intestinal issues noted in horses and similar syndromes with similar affectations are found in rats and humans.
  10. pitbullpony

    Can you load a clicker with toy/play?

    Oh thank you; that's so much what I was trying to wrap my head around - duh; two toys; who'd a thunk it (well you obviously; me not so much) off to play games with pup!
  11. pitbullpony

    Can you load a clicker with toy/play?

    I've been reading Killion's book; like it. Been reading her blog, nice. But her suggestion is clicker = food (calmer mind) and then a different noise for toy reward. My problem; low/no food drive dog, that is going to get ramped for a toy, and I need focus; that is where our problem lies (if...
  12. pitbullpony

    What color would this be?

    Brindle piebald with ticking. Ambull X Dutch shepherd is becoming a pretty popular cross for working dogs.
  13. pitbullpony

    Terriers of Chaz!!

    Jiggs (URO1 Sands Full Speed Ahead) - Tan Sable / White Standard Rat Terrier Misty ~ (Kenann's Mirth N Reverence) - Black and White Tuxedo
  14. pitbullpony

    What have been your experiences with dog-aggression (DA)?

    Dora - Boerboel - Fine in parallel with other dogs, both on/off-leash, has definite friends both male/female, neutered/intact, has a definite space bubble that she will enforce. Problem - other dog HAS to submit; she doesn't do well with dominant dogs (same as her). Jiggs - Rat Terrier - Again...
  15. pitbullpony

    PG (?) Dora, Jiggs, and Misty pictures

    Thanks guys; Misty's been a lovely addition to the house; she is my daughter's dog! Jigg's is my son's and Dora is mine; we have quite a houseful!
  16. pitbullpony

    What color is he?

    Seal, brindle or calicoing; my vote is brindle that wasn't visible before. Seal tends to be apparent on the flanks and behind the jaw and the armpits. Calico is when a black and tan face turns more tan; and it can creep onto the body.
  17. pitbullpony

    PG (?) Dora, Jiggs, and Misty pictures

    More; Not a dog; but Ninja our cat;
  18. pitbullpony

    PG (?) Dora, Jiggs, and Misty pictures

    Dora is likely pregnant; due Jan 31-ish, here are some bulked up photos of her. Jiggs is still Jiggs and we have a new Rat Terrier pup Misty.
  19. pitbullpony

    For those with intense dogs. A tail question.

    Dora is tail over the back (sometimes the tip touches the back of her skull) when she is "on" to something. When she actually is intent on "getting" the object; then her tail flattens. Here is tail flat as a pup (check out the wicked look on her face), the next shot was her pouncing on...
  20. pitbullpony

    Drive, biting, lack of control, balance

    I think I got lost in this thread. Are people actually advocating redirection from high drive dogs? Are you not correcting the **** out of these jerks and telling them where to put their teeth? Dangerous to the handler (and I do mean K-9), unacceptable to professionals (ask B. Flinks)...