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    How My Dog Made Me Laugh During One of “Those Talks”

    How My Dog Made Me Laugh During One of “Those Talks†I just wanted to post this funny story. I thought it might make someone smile. Maybe it won’t, but just in case it does, I wanted to share. I have to get my dog's teeth professionally cleaned soon, but won't have the money for...
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    Is That Dog Soothing Sweater Worth the Money?

    My little dog can get really upset and barks a lot. I don't really care or think it's a bad thing, but others hate it. My only concern is that now that she's getting older, I don't want her to over excite herself over nothing stuff like people walking upstairs or squirrels and birds outside...
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    Is My Spayed Dog Still Experiencing the Desire to Mate?

    My little dog is fixed and she has been for many years. However, when I got her, I was in a relationship with a guy who was against spaying and neutering and I was really young and went along with this. We had two dogs at the time and she would go into heat and the boy would try to mate with...
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    Anybody Know Some Simple Dog Tricks that Dogs Seem To Like?

    Okay, guys. I just thought I'd throw this question out there. I have a little dog and she's pretty set in her ways. However, I notice that she is willing to learn new tricks for rewards. She's a little mean and protective, which I can't help but love. She loves who I love and if someone...
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    I Have a Dog with Intestinal Problems, What Can I Do at Home?

    My dog has been having a lot of intestinal issues recently. We have been to the vet several times and have been told that it is nothing serious, just likely something she is eating not agreeing with her. Now I am wondering if it is something in her dog food or something that she found from...