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    Comment by 'kwiecha' in media 'Cooler'

    Thank you:) Cooler is just 20 months old, and is already a multiple group placing show dog !! He still acts like a puppy !! Kathy
  2. Baby Brogan

    Baby Brogan

    Brogan is our new golden puppy at Honadore
  3. Emmy at Honadore

    Emmy at Honadore

    Emmy holding her monkey upside down !!
  4. Cooler and Brogan

    Cooler and Brogan

    Cooler babysitting our new golden puppy Brogan
  5. Genie the yellow lab pup

    Genie the yellow lab pup

    "Genie" is our newest yellow lab pup at Honadore
  6. Cooler


    This is my young labrador Retriever "Cooler"
  7. Honadore Labradors

    Honadore Labradors

    This is our new puppy Eliott
  8. Our new puppies at Honadore

    Our new puppies at Honadore

    This is our new little girl Genie