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    Spaying Buffy When???

    Hi, i enquired at my vet today about having buffy spayed. 200 pounds phew. Luckily the savings are nearly there. However i was informed today by the vets assistant that i need to wait untill she has had her first season. But after reading posts on here,it seems people advise spaying before...
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    Help Please With Housetraining

    Hi ,just to ask, buffy is crate trained and touch wood we never have any accidents in there. shes let outside as soon as we wake,return from work etc.And during the evening she has free run of the house,and is let outside at regular intervals to go buisness as we call it.The problem is even...
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    Leash Training?

    Hi, just wondered if anyone could recommend any good articles/posts on leash training. Buffy has finished her puppy jabs and is now allowed out for walks YAY:D. Shes been for a few now but shes so excited with everything being new[keeps pouncing on passers by].Shes cute at the minute so they...
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    Hi Help with sig please

    Hi ,ok so i am completley useless on computers,and not so hot on spelling either [sure completley doesnt look right]:o .So if theres anyone out there willing to take pity on me:( and explain how everyone does these great sigs. It would be much appreciated.Did manage to get a photo up,but think...
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    What will she look like?

    Hi excuse the thread title,but our new pup buffy is supposed to be a staffy cross spaniel. And we havent come across this cross before{neither has our vet}. just wondered if anyone else has? Any pics would be great THANKS.
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    Pics Of New Puppy

    Hi,Would like everyone to meet our new pup Buffy. Shes a staff cross spaniel. And we luv her loads.
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    Pics Of New Puppy

    Hi some pics of our new puppy buffy,shes a staffy cross spaniel and incredibly cute,ENJOY
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    Help Please

    Hi can anyone help?. How can i post pictures ,have made several attempts but message keeps appearing saying my pictures exceed file limit ???. Any help would be much appreciated .Thanks
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    hi im new ,

    HI,im new just got my first puppy a 13 wk old staff cross spaniel. Her name is buffy.Look forward to speaking to you all.;)