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    Summer Fun and Safety for Dogs
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    My First Rescue Dog!

    I'm so excited, that I have to share. Our 11 yo collie, Cody, died in November leaving 5 yo Bailey alone. He and I have been a little lonely. Young Bailey has elbow dysplasia with severe arthritis and can only walk short distances. He can't play with dogs who are too active because he gets hurt...
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    It's Be Kind to Animals Week!

    Visit this page for Be Kind to Animals week and help kids learn to be kind and compassionalte toward all animals: See you there!
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    Three New Breed Pages

    Hi everyone. We have added three new breeds to our pages at How to Love Your Dog. For those of you who love Boxers, Yorkies, and Poodles, come over and take a look. The pages are written for kids, but we love to have grown-ups, too! Boxers: Yorkshire...
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    Need Boxer, Yorkie, and Poodle photos!

    Hi all. I am presently putting together informational pages on Yorkies, Boxers, and Poodles for my website and I need some good photos. I also need a few pictures of these breeds with kids. If you have any you are willing to share and have posted on the Internet, please send jpg or gif photos to...
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    Happy Valentine's Day for Kids and Dogs!

    Valentine safety, fun things, and party ideas:
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    Teach your dog some tricks!

    We have instructions for lots of tricks and many free video clip showing how to do them: . Have fun!
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    My Thanksgiving Page

    Hi, Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and invite you to my Thanksgiving page ( ). There are lots of ideas for you and your dog to have a fun and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Have a great day!
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    The Amazing Popcorn Dog!

    So here's Bailey, collie, age 5, who used to love popcorn. We would spend several evenings a week sharing a bowl. But then a while back I discovered that he was throwing up the next day and it was due to the popcorn. So no more popcorn, and the vomiting stopped. No problem. So last night I...
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    Halloween Page for Dogs

    Well, it's not really for dogs, but about dog safety and fun on Halloween. The link is Have fun!
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    How to Love Your Dog

    How to Love Your Dog Check out the free video clips demonstrating lots of tricks as well as basic commands. How to Love Your Dog is an educational and interactive site for kids and their families. It teaches compassion, commitment, and responsibility. Topics include basic care and...
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    Hello from San Diego

    It's been at least 5 years since I have been here so I thought I'd reintroduce myself. My name is Jan and I have collies. Cody will be 11 next week on Valentine's Day, and Bailey is 4 1/2. Currently, I do therapy work with them at a hospital. I also dabble in Rally obedience and canine...