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    Hi ,im also pretty new to chaz, and everyone has been more than freindly. However my pup is a rescue,so i guess that sits well. I just wanted to say while i appreciate every one has there own views and a right to express them,i think the way some members go about this is wrong ie duck and...
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    Spaying Buffy When???

    Thanks for all the info everyone. Im going to phone around some more and try to find a vets practise that will do it sooner.Ive no plans to breed my cute mutt,so feel the sooner the better.
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    Spaying Buffy When???

    Hi, i enquired at my vet today about having buffy spayed. 200 pounds phew. Luckily the savings are nearly there. However i was informed today by the vets assistant that i need to wait untill she has had her first season. But after reading posts on here,it seems people advise spaying before...
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    someone lied to me.. so tell me if you can the breed..

    Hi ,the photo isnt really clear,so its hard to tell. perhaps you could post a clearer one. Regardless she looks really cute.
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    Hi,just to say thanks again and i finally managed to use it.
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    free dog avatars suggestion

    Hi massive thanks, its great
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    Hello's from Me and my pack

    Hi and welcome
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    Hi ,sorry to be a pain but how do i get my siggie to post.Do i not need a url code or something??. Thanks again for the siggie its great.
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    Thanks so much, its great.
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    Hi, Thanks loads. I dont mind which theme ,surprise me. Hope these are ok,
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    Id love one please. If its ok let me know and ill post some photos. Thankyou
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    free dog avatars suggestion

    Id love one ,Do i just send u some pics?. Thanks
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    The Never-Ending Game

    About 2 months ago,We always had a dog in the house when i was small but they where my dads.Buffy is my first dog. Buff is sat by the radiator,watching me. whats the most impressive trick u taught your dog?
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    Help Please With Housetraining

    hi again, We use the command Go buisness when we want her to go toilet [still not sure she understands this fully yet though. When she does have an accident,she doesnt really have a favorite spot, shes a pro at waiting until your not looking though,as its really hard to catch her in the act.
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    Solo Dog Lover

    My hubby always said no to us getting a dog .He was very Anti dog. I was brought up with a dog always in the house, but he was bitten as a child by a dog so was dead against us having one. When our son was old enough [hes 10 now], I put the pressure on,and eventually he gave in on the...
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    Help Please With Housetraining

    Hi shes roughly 4-5 months old[cant be exact as shes a rescue]. and no we never have any accidents in crate.
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    Help Please With Housetraining

    Hi ,just to ask, buffy is crate trained and touch wood we never have any accidents in there. shes let outside as soon as we wake,return from work etc.And during the evening she has free run of the house,and is let outside at regular intervals to go buisness as we call it.The problem is even...
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    Your dog(s) favourite toys?

    Buffy loves rope toys,and any toy that squeaks .
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    Hi everyone I'm new here

    Hi,im from uk too.
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    This dog has me rather confuzzled

    Looks a bit like my buffy?