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    Can i post asking for help with a transport somewhere on here? Wasn't sure if it was allowed on the forum! Thanks!
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    a couple of my pack

    a few new ones :) Dutchess, Kiley and Ace Roxy, Gunner and Sierra Vanna, Courtney and Quinn
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    CAT's in Tulsa

    Anybody doing the CAT's in Tulsa Memorial Day weekend?
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    Some pics from our last weekend coursing :) Courtney has had a rough time starting out as an older girl, but the past 2 weekends she's proving to us that she really loves chasing the bunny! And Quinn got to chase the bunny too :) Here are few pics and a video :) She was the only beezer running...
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    just 1

    Can't believe he's almost 4 mnths already! He's growing like a weed and getting more handsome by the day!
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    beezers :)

    Courtney and Quinn <3
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    a spring hike :)

    was beautiful here today so we all went hiking :) here are some pics!
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    He is already 11 wks old I can't believe it! He is such a boy lol! So rough and tumble! At the park he decided to take a short cut on recall practice and crash through bushes and scratched his little face up :( He got to go chase the bunny last weekend had a blast! He loves to run and play...
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    my little red boy

    A few pics of our little boy! My charger fried for my laptop so these are all I have till I get the new one :( Quinn is such a great puppy! Happy and outgoing everything I could have asked for!
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    Well we didn't get the 12+ inches they called for but still got a good bit! And as always the pups love it! Sierra Dutchess Kiley Roxy Courtney Ace and Gunner with his girlfriend :)
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    Reg name help

    So we had picked a really cool reg name for our puppy, but..the breeder decided they wanted a specific word in we are on the hunt for a new one and would love some ideas! So the litter theme is the spice litter. And the name has to have the word spice in it. Puppy's call name is...
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    Packing list

    Okay its been awhile since we've had a puppy and never traveled so far to get one. So here's the situation, we are going to Kentucky in 1 month to meet our new puppy! We will be staying a hotel for 3 days and then driving 10 hrs back home. Breeder is sending collar, leash and puppy food in the...
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    my boy and his dog <3

    Chris and Courtney went to their first show last weekend :) They had so much fun!! He was 4th out of 6 in his juniors class and 1st out of 6 in the sanction match! And to make the day even better, i signed up for her CGC and despite not practicing for a few months she passed it...
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    my dogs in January :)

    Been awhile since I've taken any photo's with it being so cold and crazy schedules! So the dogs and I went out for some extra playtime today and got some new ones :) Thought I'd share! Sierra Roxy Gunner Kiley Ace Courtney And Dutchess
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    Lymph node question

    Gunner our Boston Terrier started having swollen lymph nodes, they are pretty big and hard middle of last year. Our vet told us to watch and wait could just be a cold ect. So a couple months ago I took him in because they were not going down. So they did bloodwork, his sugar was a little high...
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    last weekend..

    Courtney had a blast coursing! She got her first 1st placement with competition and another 12 pts for the weekend! She ran so good! One of the pics I got from the photographer!
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    coursing practice

    My dogs had a blast!! I am so proud of Courtney, she has come so far in the short time we have had her and its crazy to imagine that less than 6 mnths ago she would not run a course by herself, she still has alot to learn but is getting there each time! My son wanted to bring our Collie...
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    Courtney training Joey how to get his mom to let him sleep in bed :)

    First get under the covers and give a super sweet face <a href="[email protected]/7988670828/" title="First you look all sweet. by discarce, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="First you look...
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    Courtney over the weekend :)

    A few of Courtney, some of the ppl we got collars from over the past year wanted some pics for their websites :) So we went out for a photo shoot :) Thought I'd share ** more **
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    the pups :)

    We are loving our weather changes! We've been getting and walking so much, getting Courtney in shape for our lure coursing and lgra meets, and working on some obedience and rally :) Sierra Kiley Gunner Roxy Dutchess Ace and Courtney, who'd rather be chasing something small...