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  1. ToscasMom

    21.7 Million Pounds of Ground Beef e-coli Recall In case you didn't know, be careful.
  2. ToscasMom

    Calmness in your life.

    Calmness in Our Lives I am passing this on to you because it definitely works, and we could all use a little more calmness in our lives. By following simple advice heard on the Dr. Phil show, you too can find inner peace. Dr Phil proclaimed, 'The way to achieve inner peace is to finish...
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    Study Links Cell Phone Use to Hearing Loss I know what you are all gonna say: EH???????
  4. ToscasMom

    Ladies and Gentleman: Meet the Money Pit

    Overall I would say she plans on staying.
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    Look at this comfort basket

    I received this wonderful basket from one of the bloggers on Dogs With Blogs--for the loss of my cat Binaca/Bianca. I just thought it was so touching, I wanted to share it with you. It had all these neat touching things in it. Like Anger Putty. A special box for mementoes. A grief book and a...
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    For Sale: Genuine Collie Yarn

    For all your sweater knitting needs. Odd pieces of cellophane and shredded tissue paper included. Best Offer.
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    Advice: Getting Tosca to take commands from others

    When I saw Riot's video tape with his "gramma", I thought how great it is to see a dog relate like that to more than one person. I am afraid I failed at that. Tosca will not listen to a soul unless it's me. She gets this "you can just get lost" look on her face and, at first blush, it was...
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    Poll: Does your dog want to sleep with Tosca?

    Ok well I really need to cheer myself up so you guys are the victims. Have fun. Remember, Tosca is watching!
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    Freaked Out

    Well as some of you know, I am dealing with health issues surrounding my late mother's cat, Bianca AKA Binaca. Today for the second time, I brought her to the vet thinking I would have to put her to sleep. Both times, she came home. Anyways,,,.... Quite a long time ago, I bought my mother a...
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    Leona Helmsley leaves 12 Mil to her dog Her will sounds like mine, minus the extra zeroes. lol. My pets first. Everybody else later.
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    Really bad cat week

    If you would click on my blog, Tosca tells what's going on. My heartcat Mojo could use some good thoughts, he's feeling really punk. I'll be taking him to the vet in an hour.
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    Songs That Make You Want To Slash Your Wrists

    Ok I'll start Edit: Sad songs, not BAD songs. Edit: Once again with feeling. SAD songs that make you wanna cry. Not bad songs that make you want to cringe.
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    I had the DT's

    The Chaz server was down. By the second hour, I was forced to go to the emergency room because I was shaking all over, such was my pain and suffering. They asked me if I drank or was hooked on any drugs. I said no. I'm hooked on Chaz. Don't ever let this happen again without at least...
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    Pidgeon Crap Blamed For Bridge Collapse Um....Anybody wanna buy a bridge?
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    Heart Wrenching-14YO dog finally rescued from drain pipe

    This video just plain made me cry. Wait till you see this guy when he is finally able to get his dog out after four days of trying. For those who can't see AOL clips, here's a syndicated copy...
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    I can't believe people are still falling for this crap

    I've seen some functionally illiterate Nigerian scam emails but this one takes the cake. This nutcase actually created a Letterhead! ROFL. You gotta ask yourself, if these things are still circulating, there must be a sucker market still out there. But you would at least think by now their...
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    Bad Show Offs

    I had to take Little Snack to the vets yesterday morning to draw some blood for her pre-spay testing, so I brought Tosca along for the ride and wait. So Tosca and I are sitting in the waiting room with a few others and their pets chatting. There's this one lady with this sweet beautiful...
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    I need a Tosca's Blog Logo

    Anybody game? I really need a nice logo for Tosca's blog that I can use for linking purposes. I would like the logo to say, "Perfect Tosca" of course! I would like to use a photo on the logo. Photobucket seems to be down for maintenance or something, so I will post the photo as soon as...