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    Free Bookmarks

    I made some free printable and editable bookmarks for kids with cat and dog, you are welcome to download them at
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    Blue Wilderness

    Anyone feed their dog Blue wilderness? I want to switch my dog to a better quality food.
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    Private Message Spam

    How do I delete private messages? I keep getting spam but there doesn't seem to be any delete option or an option to report it.
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    Discovered a freebie graphics program that I just love and I've been using it to make my doggy art. Here's my latest: The program I used is Inkscape
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    Like It

    Haven't been here in a while, just want to say I like the new look of the forum
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    Free Printables

    For those who are interested I have free printable bookmarks of some of my digital dog art available for down load at
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    Pet Tile Sale

    I make custom pet portraits on framed ceramic tiles, I'm now having a sale. For more info and examples see my webpage at Sale ends Mon., June 12, 2017. Thanks
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    Breath Freshener

    Do those liquid products that you add to your dog's drinking water really help reduce plaque and freshen breath as they claim?
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    Deleting Inbox

    How do I delete messages in the inbox? It's cluttered with spam
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    Dog Puzzles

    Anyone here like word search puzzles? I have an ebook with dog themed word search puzzles free for download:
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    Posting Pics

    Can I upload a picture from my computer for a forum post or can I only post pics that are hosted somewhere else? Other forums let me upload a picture but I can't seem to find that option here.
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    Parsley For Bad Breath?

    Does adding parsley to a dog' s meal really reduce or get rid of bad breath? That's what I came across in a dog book.
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    Miniature Schnauzer

    This Schnauzer is my latest in a series of dog art I started several years ago on the computer, I think I'm up to around 20 dog breeds now:
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    Putting Toys Away

    Any ideas on how I can teach my chihuahua to put her toys back in the toy box? She's real good at taking them out but when it comes to putting them back......
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    New Pet Portrait Site

    I made a new site for my watercolor dog portraits You're all welcome to come and visit. I designed the layout using as much css as I could, so if it looks messed up in anyone's browser I'd appreciate if you would let me know. Thanks.
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    Adding Garlic

    Is it okay to add a little garlic to a dog's diet? Are there any health benefits in doing so? I read somewhere that adding garlic to a dog's food repels fleas.
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    Dogs With Jobs

    I occasionally make dog cartoons for my chihuahua's blog. This is my latest
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    Hi Again

    I'm not new but I haven't been around here in a while so I thought I'd pop in, see what's new and what's everyone been up to. And hi to everyone again!
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    Basset Hound

    What do you think of the latest picture I made on the computer:
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    Hi, just wanted to let everyone know that my website is having a sale on custom pet portraits on framed ceramic tiles until the end of September. For more info and examples go to Pet Portraits At The Dog Art Studio (Sale ends Sept.30,2009). Thanks.