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  1. Flyinsbt

    Technicolor Pirate puppies!

    I do not have fabulous photos of the litter, but enough to show how cute they are! Here's the first photo I got, a few hours after they were born: The pup in the middle is a bitch, the other 2 are boys. Here's momma the next day, very proud of her babies! And 2 more shots of...
  2. Flyinsbt

    Why am I moderated?

    Just curious. Suddenly, all my posts go to moderator for approval. I didn't think I'd made anybody angry lately.
  3. Flyinsbt

    Showing off their new collars

    Pirate in sharks: Tess (aka: "Honey Badger") in badgers:
  4. Flyinsbt

    Honey Badger courses

    I love this crazy dog, even if her naughty predator ways have earned her the "Honey Badger" nickname. Hey, it's 90 degrees, you've had 2 agility runs, wanna chase a plastic bag? This one is my favorite. Between my fabulous hat, Tess' completely typical crazed expression, and the lead...
  5. Flyinsbt

    Pirate goes to a dog show (without me)

    Pi's co-breeder/owner wanted him shown at the Great Western Terrier Association show in Long Beach, CA. I couldn't afford to go along, so shipped him down to her to be shown. They stayed on the Queen Mary, which means that basically, my dog got a better vacation than any I can afford to take...
  6. Flyinsbt

    Eva climbs a tree

    I mean... what? Her owner put a toy in a tree, to try and get a posed shot of Eva in her new collar. Apparently, Eva climbs trees. Well, okay then!
  7. Flyinsbt

    Tess at our National Specialty

    She had some fun.
  8. Flyinsbt

    New tattoo

    I got my new tattoo on Monday, and am thrilled with it! The evolution of it was that I showed this photo: to a FB friend who does awesome line drawings, and had agreed to do one for me. (I asked. With a winky face, because if you include the winky face, it's not pushy.) So she did...
  9. Flyinsbt

    Herdy dogs

    Here's some fun for you. Name the 3 breeds. and... something to herd
  10. Flyinsbt

    Team obedience

    I'd hoped to have video of our team, but it looks as though that will never happen. Here are some photos. This was at the Rose City Classic, we kind of threw together a team. It started with being a team of Minature Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, but one of our Minibull...
  11. Flyinsbt

    Animal rescue shelter accused of neglecting more than 150 pets

    Animal rescue shelter accused of neglecting more than 150 pets Really horrifying, the condition the dogs are in is shocking. Fortunately, I know the OHS will take good care of them.
  12. Flyinsbt

    Weight pull photos of my girls

    These are from a pull a few years ago (April, 2009) I think one of the last pulls we went to. I just bought the photos. Tully: Tess: Tully again: and one last Tess:
  13. Flyinsbt

    Tess Invitational runs

    She had so much fun. Goofball. The videographer left in 20 seconds of her bouncing before we started the first run (Time 2 Beat), and I'm guessing it was just because it was so stinkin' adorable. The rest of the videos are edited down to just the run...
  14. Flyinsbt

    Tess in Orlando

    Well, we enjoyed our weekend at the Invitational, though we weren't as successful as I'd hoped. Poor broken dog, so many jump bars! waiting to start Time 2 Beat: couldn't skip this photo op: with her ribbons (AKC kindly had this photo backdrop set up for people to use as they...
  15. Flyinsbt

    Birthday Tess and her new collar (with bonus Eva!)

    7 years old today! Yesterday, we went to visit our friend, and got some photos of Tess wearing her new Collar Shop collar, with lucky Japanese kitties. Also a chance to see Tess' daughter, Eva. Tess: Eva: Tess & Eva:
  16. Flyinsbt

    Fiona Apple cancels tour to stay home with dying dog

    If you haven't seen this, read the text of the letter she wrote explaining her decision. But be ready, I went through a lot of tissue.
  17. Flyinsbt

    Pirate's funniest ever agility run

    I had occasion to bring up this video on FB, and it still makes me laugh so hard, I wanted to share it. It's from this past January, so almost a year ago. The captioning function on YouTube is made for things like this. <iframe width="640" height="360"...
  18. Flyinsbt

    Barn Hunt Staffords!

    I think I win for most ridiculous dogs. Tess in her RATI (instinct test) was the very first run of the day. She didn't know why we were there, so she figured it was lure coursing. When she couldn't find a bag to chase, she came back and found the rat in short order. <iframe width="480"...
  19. Flyinsbt

    New Eva photos because she's so amazingly sexy

    I gotta go see her soon, I just want to snuggle her! oh, this looks safe gang leader
  20. Flyinsbt

    Ball in pot

    So watching the video of the Terv made me want to train the same behavior. Which I'm probably too lazy to do, but I figured I could at least teach my dogs to put a ball in something, which I've never done. It then occurred to me that the ball in something was probably irrelevant, if I wanted...