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  1. monkeys23

    Fall fun

    This was about a month ago. :) Old cat is old. <3 Fat cat is fat lol! Lambs! They got down when I started messing with stuff on my desk, i.e. getting out the camera, so I had them jump back up. Total what the hell mom lady looks, haha.
  2. monkeys23

    Scummy (non-dog & just two)

    My aptly named 15yr old cat. She just gets more and more awesome. <3 <3 She helps my mom put the bottle babies (obviously weaned for quite some time now) out to pasture, LOL! My mom wasn't super thrilled I got this pic, but I think its adorable.
  3. monkeys23

    Some Floof

    The dogs and I are doing great. We try to have fun in whatever we're doing whether its just plain old life or training fun. Lily is starting to get some arthritis from an old injury, so she gets good drugs when that flares up due to weather. Doesn't stop her running like the sled dog she is...
  4. monkeys23


    Hey all, figured I'd come on back. May not be super active, but its fun to share pictures and such. Photo update in pictures. :)
  5. monkeys23

    Sorry, I'm a painter not a photographer lol

    Seriously though my crappy point and shoot digital hates my apartment. The photo quality sucks, but got a couple cute shots. Also excuse the sawdust on my floor... been vacuuming every day, but Idaho Power seriously cut down half the willow tree in the yard, it was pretty epic! So every time we...
  6. monkeys23

    There better be more of those hurricanes!

    Please welcome Stirling Archer. Yes he is named after the main character in the cartoon Archer. And it fits frighteningly well! :rofl1: Ack camera flash! My point and shoot camera hates the light in my house, sorry about the crap focus and light on some of these! You rang? So...
  7. monkeys23

    A few more

    These are also from like a month ago, lol. For some reason they didn't upload right with the others. Scout's got the happy tail up My parent's dog Will Lighting on this sucks, sorry. But Lily is cute! Her 5th gotcha day was yesterday btw! I can't believe its been so long...
  8. monkeys23

    From a few weeks ago!

    So I suck and just now got around to uploading these. Enjoy! Weirdo dog found a vole... Will love it and squeeze it and call it my own... Or just haz a snack! The floofy one! And she's off! What did you find!?! The End! :)
  9. monkeys23


    So I just met a beautiful young white Boxer girl when walking back to work from having dinner. Except she was off leash and totally untrained, so her douche owner was screaming at her in his deep angry man voice because how else do you train dogs. I may have said gee leashes sure help with...
  10. monkeys23

    Morning Jaunt

    So yeah, I tried to get some pics of Lily's new Paco leash and Scout's new Fetching tag before we went on our actual adventure this morning. Hence the not great pics because girls were super excited! Can we please run yet? And here is one of Scout's tag on her collar the...
  11. monkeys23

    IPO tracking

    So in an attempt to get Scout's mind off her own issues I'd like to start sport tracking with her. I have done a lot of groundwork using scent pads and short tracks with Lily, but have done nada with Scout. Do I have to use a fursaver? Does it really matter? I mean, I doubt she'll ever trial...
  12. monkeys23

    What do I need to know to prepare?

    I apologize in advance, this is really long. Well Scout has hit another plataeu/backslide in her anxiety issues for no apparent reason. No big changes have happened recently and when we did have the big change of Spaz (now Zack) going to his forever home I was blown away at how well she...
  13. monkeys23


    So my best friend's family is real shall we say... smart ;) in the dog related decisions. Yeah her mom is who had Scout before I took her. Anywho one of her daughters has a 1yr old and a house with her bf and they've got a cat which is all well and good. She's been talking about getting a dog...
  14. monkeys23

    This has gone too far... (Malinois!)

    I totally had a dream last night that I had a little male Malinois puppy. I'm not even a huge puppy person, normally I prefer young adults. But he was so perfect and gatory and deliciously adorable with perfect baby bat ears and fuzzy puppy fur. Yes it was that detailed lol. There is...
  15. monkeys23

    Spaz Magoo

    I had another possible home fall through for Spaz, aka Spaz Magoo or Spazzy. Poor guy just isn't having any luck in finding a forever home! That was like the sixth or seventh possible that has fallen through. I'm not sure if I ever posted him here... can't remember. Can't hurt though right...
  16. monkeys23

    Milo's Mommy

    Soooooo.... she was supposed to contact me about getting the adoption contract signed and picking up Spaz this weekend, but she never contacted me. I am kind of worried. Does anyone know how to reach her?
  17. monkeys23

    Too cute!

    I can't believe I caught Spaz in mid-gallop! Cute little peanut head.
  18. monkeys23

    Agility or herding prospect! Or a running buddy!

    In the Boise area of Idaho. I'm willing to use the Chaz network and get him to someone trustworthy out of state if its the right adopter. No fee, just an adoption contract agreeing to properly vet him out. Because I can't afford to before placing him! So a little stray showed up at my door...
  19. monkeys23

    Tropiclean D-Mat

    If you've used it, how do you like it as a detangler? What does it smell like? This is for a dog with poofy, very thick tail and butt/leg feathers.
  20. monkeys23

    New pics!

    Its been a while, but here are some pics from the girls playing with Chicago the little ridgeless RR on Monday. Chico is Thor! She really hates cameras, lol. And Scout modeling her new collar the day before yesterday.