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    Did i get the wrong kind of Innova puppy food?

    i went to the local place and they had Innova puppy food. So i remember reading about it on this site and bought it to replace the Purina One puppy that I currently have. But then I came home and searched and seems that most people are getting the Innova Evo. Is there a big difference...
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    How is she comfortable?

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    How many hours does your pup stay in the crate?

    So i have had my puppy for a week now. Shes been pretty good and I take her outside every 4-5 hours. (10-40min each time) BUT when I bring her back inside almost always i let her play/eat inside for 10min and then she goes back in the crate. Is she spending too much time in the crate? I...
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    How can I fix the puppies sleep pattern?

    Well I just got my 11 week old American Eskimo 4 days ago. The breeder told me she would turn the lights off at 8pm and she would get up at 5am. So far she has been right since the pup passes out around 8-9pm everynight. But I dont fall asleep till 12am. She wakes up at 6am and if I dont...
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    New pup in Chicago! *pics*

    Well looks like a good forum so far! I just picked up a 11 week old toy American Eskimo. Still debating on a name for her. Maybe Turbo but that might change soon to Nika or Kali. Not sure... feel free to help. :D Anywho... here she is!