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    Ever since i got A.j. a year ago, i cant get enough of reading about ESS (English Springer Spaniels). The problem is, i cant seem to find any good ESS forums, or even sites. Just wondering if anyone knows of any? Im mainly looking for an ESS or Spaniel forum or a site with unique ESS information...
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    Any tips?

    Hi everyone, sorry i havent been on much, a lot has been happening. I was thinking about how much i want to go sledding, but i hate the cold snow so much, plus, the snow is gone now. Then i realized, why dont i just get some rollerblades and do that? Im sure A.j. would do great with this...
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    English Springer Spaniel Sports

    Hey, i was just wondering, what all dog sports and ESS's do? I know they can do Obedience, Sledding, Agility, and Hunting (of course), but i was wonding what else they can do. I was wondering if they can do sports like Tracking or Protection Work. If someone could show me a list of what they can...
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    A.j.'s new site!

    Ok, i decided i'd make a site for A.j. since i have so many videos, pictures, and info on him. This is the URL: Im just starting it up, so it isnt TOO interesting yet, but it doesnt help that my mom is rushing me right now... Well, i wrote his history...
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    Embarrassing but a lesson learned...

    We took Aj in to the vet's yesterday to get some medicine for his ear (ear infection). He was really good, he kept at my side the whole time and acted friendly towards everyone. But, as my mom was signing some papers, i let my guard down for only 1 second, and what did Aj do? He relieved...
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    New pics of Aj (be prepared for quite a few)

    Ok i wasnt sure where to post this, so i just posted it here. Below, im going to post all of Aj's recent pictures. Please no rude comments! ^ After a grooming. ^ In Northrup Canyon, WA. (To be continued...)
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    Going to the bathroom while in harness?

    My pup, Aj, is doing great with sledding. The only problem is that he doesnt seem to understand that i dont want him going to the bathroom while he has his harness on. I always let him have a bathroom break before and after i put his harness on. Last night he had pooped right in the trail of the...
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    Sledding harness

    Hi! I havent been on for a while, but i finally decided i need help agian! :) Ok, so, Aj is doing GREAT in sledding but the harness im using is a walking harness not a sled harness. It doesnt effect him in any way, but its really bothering me cause i have to use so many leashes to distribute the...
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    Pics of all my pets!

    Ok, so on my b-day (August 10th) i got a digital camera! Whoo! So, that means more pics! Sadly, i dont have very many pics of Shadow, cause she got poisoned on about August 20th :( .... But, i got pics off all 5 cats, my rat, all 3 dogs, and i got some pics of shadow about a week before she...
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    Finally got my mouse!!!!

    Well, accually, turns out that i got a rat. My friend got him for me, a male dark grey and white rat. His name is Ozzy. Here are pics of him: Right after we bought him: A few days later:
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    Should i put up for stud?

    Hey, i was just wondering how many people think that my pup, Aj would be a good father? He is extremely well-behaved and is already showing his talent in hunting and agility. In the area where i live, there are LOTS of hunters, so i was thinking some of them might want a little of Aj-pups. The...
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    Xaja's new pic, videos, and show name!

    Ok, i dont know if anyone remembers me, but i joined about half a year ago. I just wondered what everyone thought of Xaja's show name? His father's name is Boone, he was born exactly at 12:02 am, and his spots form a 7 on his forehead. So, his new show name is Boone's Exaggerated Midnight 7...
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    Getting a mouse/mice

    Ok, so ive always wanted a mouse but mom hates them, so i decided to buy my own. I already have a cage (it was used for our old hamster) but my sister also put a sick bird in it once, so anyone know what i should wash it with? Im also wondering if i could get 2 mice, if so what genders? I read...
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    Piggy Puppy

    AJ is now 5 months and, so far, hes been a great pup. Theres just one problem, its really hard to feed him. If i just put the food in with him and leave, he eats too fast and barfs it all up and chokes. Ive had this problem with a horse before and all you do with horses is spread the feed out on...
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    Dauchshund Sports?

    I have a Dauchshund male that im training in Agility, but i dont think he likes it too much. I was just wondering what all the other Dauchshund owners are doing with their dogs? If you want to see how big Wienie (my dauchshund) is, or if you just want to see pics of him :) , there is a link in...
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    Moses Lake, WA, Spring Fair

    Did anyone go? I went with my best friend, and we both brought our pups. There wer LOTS of people there, so hopefully one of them are on here! Please tell me if you went! Thanx! :)
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    Agility Tips

    Does anyone have any good tips on starting to train a pup in agility. Ive accually been working with him for 3 weeks now and i have found out that i picked out a great pup! :D Im really happy! But, like i said, im just looking for any good tips or what i should be doing right now. Thanx! :)
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    AJ's partial blue eye

    Ok, FINALLY, i got a few good pics of his eye! I was at my friends and she has an awesome digital camera so i can show you the pics of his eye now. (By the way, the other puppy is his sister, Simetra)
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    Easy and cheap agility equiptment

    I am training all 3 of my dogs in agility and i was wondering if anyone has any ideas how i could make the jumps, tunnels, and seesaws. I dont have a lot of money and the closest pet shop with stuff like that is about 2 or 3 hours away. We have a lot of logs and buckets. Not much boards, but i...
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    New Members

    Hi, I dont like to say my real name but my nickname is Mirg. My best friend's ESS had pups 13 weeks ago and she gave me one for free. I picked the runt and named him Xaja (aka: AJ). Ive had him for 7 weeks now, his litter (3 females, 4 males) was born on Christmas Eve night, and he was the last...