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    One Rawhide Bone: $49.50

    I was giving Sam, my 4 month old the big raw hide flips and he would knaw those things down really fast. One night I gave him one to chew on when I was watching TV in bed. I was dozing off and I felt Sam moving around alot on the bed to the point it woke me up.Something told me to look for that...
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    I'm torturing my neighbour’s dog

    I would go ask, the worst thing the owner can say is no. I ask my neighbor across the street all the time if her dog can come over to play with my 3 and she always says yes. Do you know this neighbor very well? If not, maybe this will be a great way to get to know each other????
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    Opinion needed please, should I call Humane Society?

    I left a detailed messae with the local SPCA animal abuse hot line and have not heard a thing back yet. I emailed a local news reporter who has an animal blog page and I happen to know her boyfriend really well too (she doesnt know I know her boyfriend but thas neither here or there). Much...
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    Opinion needed please, should I call Humane Society?

    I called the SPCA abuse line and left a detailed message, hopefully someone will call me back!
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    Opinion needed please, should I call Humane Society?

    Mon - Fri I go to a park-n-ride to catch a commuter bus for work. Next to the park-n-ride are some seedy looking low income apartments. For over a week now I have noticed a medium sized dog, possiblly a pit bull mix who apparently lives on a tiny, tiny balcony of a second story apartment...
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    Yorkie dives into the pond!

    I got an 8 week old Yorkie 2 weeks ago and each time I take him out to the back yard to do his thing, he goes straight for the pond. The pond is one pre-fab things with waterfall, etc so its not safe for Sam, the puppy to be around on his own, he is too small to get himself out. Every single...
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    Is this a big deal?

    Thanks for the great advise, I had no idea there was an all life styles dog food and will get some quick.
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    Is this a big deal?

    I have two adult Yorkies and a week ago got a 8 week old Yorkie puppy. The puppy loves to eat the adult dog food and pretty much wont eat his puppy food. I am concerned he may be getting too much of something and not enough of another. To get the puppy to eat his puppy food, I have to feed my...
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    Would You Give Up Your Dog?

    Cidney Only if I was too ill to take care of them or homeless would I give up my two fur-babies. The live a pretty spoiled life now so it would be hard to find someone that can give them better than what they have now. I dont want to embarass myself by telling you all the things I do for them...
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    Is Your Dog a Snob?

    Yes, Scooter my biggie Yorkie isnt even aware that he is a dog. He will not associate with any other dog except for my other Yorkie. When other dogs are around him or in our house, he moves away from them like, ick, you are a dog, get away from me. He hates when other dogs want to sniff or play...
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    How many sleep IN the bed with you?

    Ya know, the few times I travel someplace overnight and I dont or cant take my dogs, I cant sleep because I dont feel a warm furry body slammed against me. I now think 3 Yorkies will be fun and I will wonder why I didnt do it sooner, ha!
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    Dog urine on Carpet

    I used everything you could think of, bought a heavy duty steam cleaner and the carpet still had a faint urine smell. I finally pulled ALL the carpet up in my house and did hardwoods and painted the concrete inthe bedrooms, its great! Seems like afer we removed all the carpet the boys never peed...
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    How many sleep IN the bed with you?

    I have a friend and her husband sleeps with 2 grown labs and I keep thinking thats like 4 adults in one bed!! I dont know how they do it because I know my little Yorkies will try to take over half the bed during the night, I wake up and I am either smack in the middle or hanging on for dear life...
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    How many sleep IN the bed with you?

    Currently, I have two Yorkies that let my husband and I share a king bed with them. We are seriously thinking of getting a third Yorkie and I am wondering if anyone sleeps with more than 2 dogs and how is it?
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    Doggie door?

    I have seen those types of doggie doors at Home Depot too. I cant imagine life without a doggie door.
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    Concerned, senior dog under anthesthia.

    I just talked to the vet and I have more to worry about! He said he can give a specific anthesthia to dogs with seizures and now that seems to be the least of my worries! He said the nasal blockage could be a mass or a tumor. He also said operating on that sort of thing is pretty invasive...
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    Concerned, senior dog under anthesthia.

    I have a 13 year old Yorkie who needs to be put under anthesthia because he really needs to have his teeth cleaned and also seems to have some sort of blockage in his left nostril so the vet needs to take a close look at. He is prone to havig seizures, petit mal seizeures not the grand mal...
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    I wish

    :mad: there was a website to list people who should not own pets! I am thinking this would be a terrific cross-posting tool for those who sell or give pets away to people they know nothing about. Why am I wishing this? Well, I know a man who had two dogs. He emotionally neglects them...
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    How can anyone be so stupid? Rant!

    Cidney Maybe someone should lock her in the car for a few hours so she wont forget with the new dog she now has. :mad:
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    Opinions - Dog deterent (ie, pepper spray)

    If you have an Academy Sporting Goods store near by they do carry it because its where I get mine! I never ever leave my house with it when walking my two Yorkies and I have had to use it on two occasions - thank god I had that spray! If you dont have an Academy in your area, try whatever...