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  1. HoundedByHounds

    Action Beagles...GO!

    Bouncing over mom... Teaching big doofus some more manners...she keeps forgettin'... Beagles drink first...big dum-doody hed. the end!
  2. HoundedByHounds

    Stupid show I might actually watch

    LMBO...Krod Mandoon...anyone see it last night on Comedy Central? I guess it's a spoof of fantasy/sword sorcery stuff. It was quite dumb and funny. All the archetypes are there and none escape the satire sword lol. Anyhow if we have fans of stupid-funny satire...or Fantasy...or both....might...
  3. HoundedByHounds

    so my kiddo picked a pet!

    Lily is getting her first pet...that will be hers, live in her room, etc for her Birthday. She's turning 8. We won't be getting it til after the trip to DW end of this month...but... She's getting a Corn Snake! She has researched the heck out of them and is raring to go, lol. I think it's a...
  4. HoundedByHounds

    Some Easter kiddos, mine of course

    Lily and Elias... These next two are to show that tho I did cut Lily's hair it diminished none of the wildness or out of control-ness so you can rest easy LOL. Thanks for looking, and hope everyone had a great weekend!
  5. HoundedByHounds

    Cleo pics from today

    Here are some fun ones from today... Hai!! Youz haz baskeetbawl!! Some more pretend bitework with my husband...looks pretty convincing eh?? LOL... This same crazy dog likes to gently play bubbles with her best girl, too!
  6. HoundedByHounds

    Another bug, Spider so be warned and hairy but I think...fascinating in her own way. She is tending her egg sac outside my back door. We had a different spider there last year...VERY different than this one. .... ...... ........ ............ She is an angry Spider... She says F-YOUSE...
  7. HoundedByHounds

    Where does religious freedom, end?

    This article was interesting. Santeria...the man wants to sacrifice goats and lams and chickens. All animals killed daily in this country for the purpose of human consumption. I'd like to think if I had chickens, and it IS legal to keep them here in my city as long as you are 100ft from your...
  8. HoundedByHounds

    Buncha' Bouncy Beagle Bizness

    Wheee! enjoy!
  9. HoundedByHounds

    Barfworthy CL ad, ear cropping

    Ear Cropping Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-03-31, 7:10AM CDT If you looking to upgrade you dogs look starting with the ears give me a buzz and i will return the favor prices start at 250. it's NOT ok to contact this poster...
  10. HoundedByHounds

    a pretty, pretty bug (large pic)

    This grasshopper is all decked out in her Springtime fashion!
  11. HoundedByHounds

    SeaKittens and now crabs is shocking these crabs on purpose for research over and over...less cruel, than a painful death for the purpose of at least EATING them? I have never assumed they didn't feel pain...just like I never assume being shot in the head or stunned in the head is not painful. It is a means to...
  12. HoundedByHounds

    Mother & Daughter playtime

    Susie and Ellie playing like fools...enjoy! (I need to do nails today) Hai weez relay-shuns... Wrestling... Ooooh SNAP! Cheap shot... Yeah this was funny.. First I chase you... Then you chase me... MORE....
  13. HoundedByHounds

    Cleo goes fishin'...etc

    HAI!! .... ..... I haz Beagle Fishin Pole! CAUGHT ONE! Reelin her inz! Oh DAMMIT...she took the pole! Hai!! Iz gonna knock yoo on yerz arse! Iz Eeeester wabbit! I have more of Ellie and Susie..I'll put those in a different thread tho.
  14. HoundedByHounds

    CL Funny...

    do you think they'd accept a full grown one as long as it's asleep, in a pinch?? :lol-sign: RACCOON WANTED! Must Be NewBorn Eyes Closed! (Garland Area) Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-03-26, 10:45AM CDT Seeking a Raccoon Prefer a...
  15. HoundedByHounds

    Geek post, OnLive Game Device

    I have to say I am interested. Our net connection is pretty fast and I know my kids would love it, goes without saying the man would as well...hmm, the future, I guess? I could move away from consoles pretty easily if it was made this simple! ARTICLE
  16. HoundedByHounds

    oh gawd it's BEAUTIFUL!

    I wannit....bad... ARTICLE
  17. HoundedByHounds

    We needed a farting thread

    today so folks can write about it on Twitter :lol-sign: This one is a good start...thoughts? ARTICLE
  18. HoundedByHounds

    wow this dog is unique!

    Interesting...the idea on mix is kinda funny too! PETFINDER LISTING
  19. HoundedByHounds

    Some Spring Snoozy Susie Snuggle

    and all kinds of wondrous "S" snoozy... Snuggly... So sorry! So shiny and smiley So sleepy... soooo sleeeepy... ......
  20. HoundedByHounds

    OMG this stopped my heart-Spiderman story

    I can't EVEN imagine. That guy is a HERO...wowza!! As a mom...I cannot even frickin imagine...being so helpless.... I heart Spidey! ARTICLE