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    I haven't been around much...

    because I was too ashamed to tell you that the puppies I bought are pure evil
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    Dog Shows

    I've never been to a dog show of any type before, but I was looking here InfoDog List of Pure Bred Dog Shows Held in NY and there are some I would like to attend. As a spectator, am I allowed to bring my dogs to shows? How do I find out? Is there usually a fee to come watch?
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    Getting the puppy Sunday

    I'm driving to Connecticut to get Panda on Sunday. It's a 6.5 hour drive. I was originally going to go and stay overnight in a hotel but I'm going to leave at 4am and come back the same day. I'll get there around 11 and meet the dogs and all that, then I think FW and I are going out for lunch...
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    New Crestie pup pics

    Here's Panda at almost 7 weeks. I'll be getting her pretty soon. Yay! She's too cute And I love her sister!
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    I scanned these to share with someone, so I thought I'd post them here, too I used to raise/show rabbits as a kid/teen. There's even a sweet photo of me when I was 14. :D. These are all from 1997/1998
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    Look at my cute bag

    A woman in my mother's group makes bags from vintage material she gets at thrift stores/estate sales, etc. I had her make me this laptop bag and it's so cute. It's padded and everything, too. She's making me a matching kindle cover with a t-rex She's making my husband one with...
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    Panda almost 6 weeks

    Not TOO much longer til I can get her :D I like her little pony feets
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    Cute book

    I got this cute book today at Barnes and Noble (well, actually, I bought one for my MIL ,too). They were on clearance for 2.99 Lightweights (9781584792765): Sharon Montrose: Books It's just photographs of cute little puppies and has their breeds and weights
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    Aw, look at this dog

    Charlotte is one spicy little meatball! I just love that picture. What a nice looking dog!
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    English Mastiff

    A friend from my mother's group just posted an ad in the classified section of our forum asking for an English Mastiff puppy. She has convinced her husband to get one. She has a 3 year old daughter and has not owned a dog in her adult life. She has 2 cats also. She will probably buy the first...
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    Stupid meds!

    Look what they do to me! :( this is just from normal day to day living. Something touches me, I bruise. It's kind of embarrassing because I wear a lot of skirts and dresses lately since it's hot and it looks like I'm being abused at home or something.
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    New Puppy Pictures

    30 days old
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    I want to buy my house

    My landlord has mentioned a couple times that he would sell us the house a good price because he likes us, wouldn't have to go through a realtor, etc. I never asked the price because I assumed it was way to high to think about. Well, he only wants 35k. We've lived here 2 years without ever...
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    You all did it

    Showing off all the Betta fish and stuff. I'm going to get one for Damien now :D
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    He has been able to walk for 3 months now but would only occasionally take a step. Today he is walking all over :) YouTube - Walking
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    Panda at 25 days old

    What a cutie :)
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    I'm getting a puppy

    I'm getting one of Foxy Wenches Chinese Crested puppies. She's an adorable little girl. She'll be ready in August. I know a lot of you won't agree with this decision, and I understand that.
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    Im not even sure what I'm thinking...kind of just thinking out loud

    Is there any type of organization, anything out there that will help someone to pay a pet deposit who can't afford it but wants a kitten/cat? There is a 20 year old boy on my UC forum who came desperately seeking help from anyone...not for a kitten. Just for someone to talk to. He was...