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  1. shadowfacedanes

    Toys for Destructive Dog

    Try Goughnuts. Those are about the only things I've ever tried for my dogs that they can't destroy quickly. And Nylabones Dura Chews in the largest sizes. If he is super destructive, just a head's up - everything that's been mentioned so far in this thread has fallen prey to one or both of my...
  2. shadowfacedanes

    Oodles of Doodles Pet Art

    My annoyingly talented significant other is having a sale on his doodle style pet portraits. Thought I would share! Here are the specifics: *He really needs a clear photo to work from - no blurry/out of focus shots. He is a miracle worker and can work from horrible photos, but it...
  3. shadowfacedanes

    The Tree Climbers

    Love! Corvus is a tree climber too. Ditto just prefers to go *through* things instead. :p Also, because sometimes I'm slow....I just put two and two together and realized I knew Little Foot from somewhere. I followed his little journey on Facebook from when he was "Oli" with Amber. He is SO...
  4. shadowfacedanes

    Tell me about Great Danes?

    From my own experience as far as danes and DA goes, males can be buttheads, but they are typically not as bad as the bitches. Males can snark at each other but will generally be back to being buds an hour later. Females can get along for years and then suddenly decide all other females (or just...
  5. shadowfacedanes

    photos of your dogs posing with food? LOL

    Corvus is great with not touching food unless he's told that he can. In fact, if I forget to tell him "Okay!" when I put his food bowl down, he'll sit there and stare at it until I realize I forgot to tell him he can eat. I have dozens of photos of him showing how good he is with food, but this...
  6. shadowfacedanes

    Best dremel for nails?

    That's the one I use as well. I have no complaints. It's easy to handle, holds a nice long charge and was very affordable.
  7. shadowfacedanes

    Is your dog a dog park dog?

    Nope, neither of my two are dog park candidates. They are each others outsiders allowed.
  8. shadowfacedanes

    How does your dog do at the vet?

    Corvus wears a muzzle and I restrain. Only the vet is allowed to handle him. He's THAT dog that everyone hates to see come in the door. He's gotten worse with age, but I don't want to sedate him for visits so we just deal the best we can. He's also very vocal and obnoxious. I sometimes pretend...
  9. shadowfacedanes

    Let's see those doggie gifts!...

    I couldn't take a photo of them with all the gifts once they were opened, they were too spastic to sit still with them, or leave them all in one pile. Jerks. Next best thing - photos of their wrapped stuff before the carnage. One little apbt who just got busted sniffing the goods and...
  10. shadowfacedanes

    For a friend

    That's awesome, Smkie. You have so many talents, I'm jealous! I wish I was artistic. I'd love to be able to draw dogs. My attempts have been pitiful, lol. Great job!
  11. shadowfacedanes

    Winter wear!

    I heard from someone that has these coats that they run a little small, so I'm hoping they fit, too! Corvus is a funky shape and hard to fit, so my fingers are crossed.
  12. shadowfacedanes

    Winter wear!

    FYI: Dover Saddlery has a really awesome sale right now on their blanket style coats. I snagged two for the dogs for just a bit over $20 with shipping. I don't know how long it lasts.
  13. shadowfacedanes

    Collar wants!

    Yeah, I considered doing a modified Jam, with a turquoise bottom strip and black leather top strip with turquoise oval cabochons, but I think I will hold off on that until Ditto's birthday and get it then. That way, I can change my mind a jillion more times about which colors I want. I have...
  14. shadowfacedanes

    Collar wants!

    Ditto is getting: A 2" Absolute Genius McStolly with all turquoise rhinestones and cabochons and silver hardware from Ella's Lead. A 2" Brett with brass hardware and red accent crystals from Ella's Lead A 2" Collar Mania Bling collar in red/green to wear for Christmas A 2" Collar Mania...
  15. shadowfacedanes

    Do you answer the front door when you're alone?

    I crack the door and let Corvus throw himself at the storm door a time or two, and if whoever it is sticks around past that, I figure it must be important enough to answer. :p
  16. shadowfacedanes

    my dog caricatures and paintings! :D

    Your stuff is amazing. Your style would be perfect for my two. I'd love to see what you'd do with them, especially since Corvus is already a cartoon in real life. :P *hurry up Christmas money!*
  17. shadowfacedanes

    Dog Related Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales!

    In my experience, they run big. PLUS, don't measure the back from the neck to base of tail...measure from the withers to the base of tail for the length. I, of course did not read that little blurb on the sizing info until AFTER I received them and had two coats that were both too large. Bah...
  18. shadowfacedanes

    A bit late on the holiday festivities, but...

    Ditto would be ON the counter, feasting until the turkey was all gone. She wouldn't even have enough shame to act like she was doing anything wrong. She'd be proud. :p Corvus would leave the turkey. He's always been amazing about leaving food. I can put a plate of steak down two inches from...
  19. shadowfacedanes

    Your dogs' favorite toys

    Corvus has an assortment of favorites, but his Holy Grail is the tennis ball. Second runner up would be his Jive ball, then third would be either his Kong ball or his Jolly ball. He has a thing for balls. Ditto thinks the world is her toy, and her toy preferences change by the minute. You...
  20. shadowfacedanes

    Has your dog ever donated blood??

    One of my (now deceased) danes donated as needed for the clinic I worked at. She was a great donor - she just sat there quiet as a church mouse while we took the blood. It was always such a great feeling to be able to see firsthand the patients her blood was helping. Neither of my current...